Offense Playbooks

Offensive Playbooks For Youth Football 

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Below is a list of all our Youth Football Playbooks for Offense:

(New) Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook 

– Ground and pound series which includes: formation overview, position and numbering system, blocking scheme, snap count, Power, Iso, Sweep, Cross, Counter Belly, Power “Shift”, Flood, and Post-wheel.

-Colored play diagrams vs. various defenses.

-Creates alignment conflict for the defense. They either shift or get gutted.

-Run game sets up explosive play-action passing plays.

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(New) Wishbone Video Playbook Series of 18 videos (formation overview, position and numbering system, blocking scheme, snap count, blast, dive, trap, sweep, lead x, waggle, and post-corner). Wishbone Playbook PDF file is also included (play diagrams and blocking rules) following purchase.

-In-depth breakdown of the Inside-Over-Blocking Scheme on the whiteboard.

-Video series can be downloaded or accessed very easily at anytime. You can show your coaches and/or players right off of your smart phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop. Series is hosted by Vimeo, so the video quality, sound, and load speed is the best.

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Pistol Offense Playbook 

Pistol Playbook Plays

– Balanced offense that will allow you to attack all areas of the field.

– System of core running plays that all complement each other.

– Running game sets up the play-action passing game.

– Allows you to attack all areas of the field.


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 Flexbone Offense Playbook 
-Series based. Rocket Series, Belly Series, Midline Series, Veer Series, and a simple Hurry-up Offense System included.

– Multiple formations- balanced, unbalanced, and spread formations.

– Play-action passes off of every core running play. They will hit for big yardage.

-Easy to install and it will give your team an identity.

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Spread Offense Playbook


– Spreads the defense out horizontally to create natural running lanes.

– System of plays that are executed out of three different formations.

– Fast, efficient, and explosive.

– Make the defense defend the QB as a running  threat.

– Easy to install and it gives your team an identity.

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Wishbone Playbook 

Wishbone Football

– Balanced formation that spreads the defense out horizontally.

– Easy to implement. Works on every age level of football.

-Ground and pound!

-Series based scheme- every play sets another play up.

-Power-Deception- Balanced.

-Can be installed in under a week.

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Shotgun Wing T Playbook 


– Attack the edge of the defense.

– Create alignment conflict for the defense.

– Make the defense defend the QB as passing and running threat.

-Series based scheme. Every play complements another.


-Attacks all areas of the field.

-Spreads the defense out horizontally, while maintaining wing t integrity.

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The Jet Wing T Playbook

Youth Football Running Back Kyle Wiggins -Attack the edge of the defense even if you do not have fast players.

-Jet motion creates grave conflicts for the defense.

-Deceptive, fast hitting, series based scheme. All plays set another play up.

-Lights out play-action passing plays.

-Utilize wing backs to out flank the defense.

-Gives your team an identity.  Parents, coaches, and players will love  it.

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I Formation Playbook

I formation playbook  -Smash mouth football.

-Series based playbook. Every play complements another.

-Big hitting play-action passing play.

-Balanced formation, easy to install.

-Use wing back to create alignment conflict and to out flank the defense.

Learn More:  I-formation Playbook 

Spinner T Playbook 


-Fast hitting. Very explosive.

-Diverse.  Able to attack all areas of the field.

-Very fun offense. The kids will love it.

-Wing backs are utilized to out flank the defense, creating great blocking angles.

-Short shotgun snap to utilize a mobile QB.

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FREE Football PLAYBOOK -Split-back Offense 

Split-back Playbook  -Series based playbook. Every play sets another play up.

-6 play series.

-Balanced playbook.

-Blast, power, counter, cross, and sweep play (run plays).

-Lights out power pass (play-action pass).

Download now: Free PDF Split-back Playbook

FREE 7 on 7 Playbook

7 on 7 playbook -Run plays that utilize a mobile QB.

-Pass plays that beat man to man coverage.

-Pass plays that beat zone coverage.

-Easy to install.

-Explosive plays that will shred youth football defenses.

Download now: 7 on 7 Playbook