Gap Scheme Playbook for Youth Football

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  • Playbook is based around gap schemes: Power, Jet, Buck Sweep, Toss, and Trap.
  • Simple play calling system that kids will remember.
  • Trio Formation presents the defense with a passing threat to one side and a run threat to the other.
  • Wing Weak Formation is a balanced formation that forces the defense to defend both sides of the formation.
  • Multiple gap scheme tags (adjustments).
  • Easy to install playbook that will give your offense direction and an identity.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


This playbook is a system of plays that are all gap blocking schemes. Gap blocking schemes is probably the best blocking scheme for youth football.  A gap scheme uses leverage to give the offensive linemen an advantage over physically superior defensive linemen. In a gap scheme the offensive linemen on the playside will block down, or away from the gap where the runner is going.

Easy to Teach 

This playbook is easy to install. It provides you with everything you need to know before installing the system. This playbook implements simple terminology for all play calling and tags. This playbook provides you with everything you need to know from player placement to the play calling system.

Simply Multiple

This playbook utilizes two different formations that both present unique challenges for the defense. The first formation is the Trio Formation. This formation gives the defense a passing threat to one side (trips side), while giving them a run strength to the Y side (tight-end side). The second formation is the Wing Weak Formation. This formation is balanced, which forces the defense to defend both sides of the formation. All plays can be executed out of these two formation with very little changes.

Systematic Attack 

This isn’t just a playbook filled with gap scheme football plays. This is a systematic attack. Every play in this playbook complements another play. This playbook gives you simple tags that will allow you to make adjustments based on what the defense is doing. Also, there are several tags ( “Q” tags) that will allow you to utilize a mobile QB.  The quick passing game featured in this playbook is easy to install and has a high completion rate.

Included in this Playbook: 

  • Position and formation overview.
  • Play calling system and snap count.
  • Power Concept (Pork)
  • QB Power (Pork Q)
  • Toss Sweep (Pork Toss)
  • Counter (Counter Chicken)
  • Counter Q ( Chicken Q)
  • Jet Motion (Jet Chicken)
  • Toss (Chicken Toss)
  • Trap (Trap Turkey)
  • Buck Sweep (Beef Buck)
  • Quarterback Buck (Beef Q)
  • Boot Pass (Beef Soup)
  • Quick Passing Game.

3 reviews for Gap Scheme Playbook for Youth Football

  1. Coach Jackson

    Gap scheme playbook is simple and works well on the middle school level.

  2. Coach Jim

    I liked the playbook. It has several plays that work great.

  3. Coach John Maloney

    Solid playbook, very informative and has a simple commutation system. I also preferred gap schemes over zone because of blocking angles. -coach John

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