Wishbone Offense Playbook

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  • Balanced formation spreads the defense out horizontally.
  • Balanced formation makes the defense defend both sides of the formation.
  • Power Football! Utilizes double teams at the point of attack.
  • Series based scheme- every play sets another play up.
  • Explosive play-action passing plays.
  • Easy to install. Can be executed on any age level of youth football.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The Wishbone Offense Playbook for Youth Football is an excellent playbook. It is easy to install and really allows you pound the football. The wishbone offense is a balanced offense that forces the defense to defend both sides of the formation.  The wishbone is also a very flexible offense. You can implement various cadences and line splits. You can go with wider 2’ splits or you can go with compressed 1’ splits, or even zero line splits. This offense is very adaptable and will fit any team’s skill set. It It is truly a powerful, deceptive, and balanced.

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Wishbone Offense Playbook for Youth Football
Sample Play

Included in Playbook:

  • Offense Philosophy
  • Position and numbering system
  • Formations and line splits (base & heavy)
  • Quick, normal, and extended snap counts
  • Run blocking scheme
  • Pass blocking scheme

Plays included in this playbook series:

  • Blast (off-tackle play that utilizes double teams at the point of attack)
  • Trap (inside hitting play that traps the defensive tackle)
  • Dive (quick hitting inside play that runs behind the guard and center double team block)
  • Counter (deception play off of the blast play)
  • Lead X (deception play off of the sweep action)
  • Sweep (outside toss play with two lead blockers)
  • Waggle (deception play off of the counter -play-action pass play)
  • Post-corner (deception play off of the blast- play-action pass play)
  • 10 Bonus Plays!

The Wishbone Offense Playbook for Youth Football is easy to install and works very well in youth football. The wishbone playbook for youth football features a balanced formation, with two tight-ends. You start off by pounding the defense with the blast play. Once the defense is selling out to stop the blast play, you can hit them with the counter play. There are also two play-action passing plays off of the blast and counter that will toast the defense.

If you see the defense selling out for run, hit them with the waggle or the post-corner play. This playbook has multiple plays that work off of the two base plays- Blast and Counter. This playbook offers a simple blocking scheme that works against any defensive front. The playbook offers power, deception, and balance. This offense can be used on any level of youth football.

4 reviews for Wishbone Offense Playbook

  1. Coach Chris

    Thanks for your wishbone playbook. Went 11-1. Won Super Bowl and a National championship. Used a lot of your playbooks- they are very simple and my kids loved the plays.

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    Playbook is simple and easy to read and coach. The kids love the plays and are excited for our season. Thank you for having these resources for coaches!

  3. Coach Chino

    Simple playbook, great for all age levels of football. Highly recommend.

  4. Coach Matt Callahan

    Great system of plays that work very well with my 5th grade team. Our 8th grade team also had some success running this stuff. Solid playbook that we will use again.

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