(New) Inverted Wishbone Playbook


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  • Balanced playbook, features plays that attack all areas of the field.
  • Gives your offense an identity and a system your players will love.
  • System of plays that all complement each other.
  • Simple run & pass blocking rules.
  • Great for ALL age levels of football.
  • Printable colored play diagrams. Tablet & mobile friendly.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The Inverted Wishbone Playbook is a great offense for youth football for several reasons. This playbook features a balanced formation. This will force the defense to have to defend both sides of the formation. The double tight-end formation creates two strong sides for the defense. The compressed formation will allow you to attack outside, as the defense will get sucked in and align inside. This playbook features a series of plays that all complement each other. If the defense is selling out to stop any particular play, they will leave themselves vulnerable for the complements. This playbook has plays that attack all areas of the field. The play-action passing plays hit big!

This playbook can be installed within a week. It is a great complement offense to other formations. The Inverted Wishbone Formation is also a very good formation to build around. This playbook can be utilized with success on all age levels of football. The run and pass blocking rules and QB passing progressions are simple and detailed. This offense will allow you to be multiple, while keeping things simple for your kids. Having a balanced attack will allow you to score more points.

inverted wishbone formation
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Plays / Content Included 

Content: Numbering system, formation overview, line split diagram, snap count, blocking scheme diagrams, player placement, huddle, and shotgun snap technique.

Plays: Power, Counter Buck, Wedge, Down, ISO, Sweep, Power Pass, Boot Pass, and Seams (blitz beater).