Special Teams Playbook

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Special Teams Playbook

Special Teams Playbook






  • Win the field position battle.
  • Get production with simple punt and kick return plays.
  • Coverage assignment and responsibilities.
  • Punt protection, direction, and coverage.
  • Extra point block play that will block the kick.
  • Complete special teams playbook. Everything from extra point block to kick return.

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Special teams is a very under utilized aspect of youth football.  I have won many games because we commit a lot of practice time to special teams.  We practice special teams as often as possible.  I know you only have so much time in a youth football practice, but I would suggest finding a way to get special teams in.

A great way to get some special teams in is before practice. Say you have your kicker, holder, and long snapper are all there early. Instead of letting them run around throwing the ball to each other during practice have them practicing long snapping, holding, and kicking. Kids can practice kickoffs and extra point field goals.  Shoot to get some special teams work in before practice.   Winning the field position battle, creating a turnover, or scoring with your special teams can be the difference between winning and losing.

Anytime you produce a turnover or special teams score it is game changing.  Pride your team on dominating special teams. I would bet that your opponents does not practice special teams consistently. With that said, special teams is an opportunity for your team dominate.

It is vital that you have a solid special teams playbook. Remember, special teams is game changing, practice it. Have the players kicking, punting, holding, snapping and kicking field goals ever single practice. It will pay off at some point, I guarantee it.  Dominate special teams!