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  • Structured attack out of 3 different formations.
  • Allows you to utilize a mobile QB.
  • Balanced attack. Forces the defense to defend all skilled players and the entire width of the field.
  • Series based attack. All play complement each other.
  • Allows you to be multiple while keeping things simple for your players.
  • Gives your offense an identity and structured attack.
  • Forces the defense to defend the entire width of the field.
  • No Huddle / Hurry up.
  • BONUS 3 play no huddle series.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The 20 Personnel Playbook for Youth Football is great because it allows you to spread the field, while also maintaining a strong inside run threat. 20 personnel features 2 running backs ( Tailback and H-back) and 3 wide receivers. This playbook gives you 3 different 20 personal formations, all of which create a unique alignment conflict for the defense. Utilizing a H-back will allow you to attack the defense in several different ways. You can utilize your H-back as ball carrier, in the passing game (as a receiver), and in the run game as a blocker. This offense is even more explosive if you have a mobile QB!


20 personnel

Structured Attack 

The 20 Personnel Playbook for youth football is the definition of a structured attack. This playbook features a system of plays that all complement each other. When you have a structured attack it will allow you to have an answer for anything the defense decides to do. If they commit to stopping one play they will leave themselves vulnerable for a companion play. This playbook features two series- Power Series, where are all plays are built off of the Power play. The second is the Jet series, where all plays are built off of the Jet Sweep. If the defense loads the box, you kill them outside. If they spread out with the formation you kill them inside. It’s that simple.


This playbook will allow you to attack all areas of the field. It has a healthy balance of plays and play-action passes off of the core running plays. To truly be a successful offense you will need to be able to attack all areas of the field- this will force the defense to have to defend the entire field. This playbook has plays for all your skilled position players. Forcing the defense to prepare for all your skilled position players is difficult to do.


20 personnel allows you to be multiple while keeping things simple for your kids. The H-back alignment creates another gap for the defense to account for. In addition, they have to account for the H as pass and running threat. There are several different formations you can get into by just moving the H-back around. Again, this playbook allows you to be multiple while keeping it very simple for your players.

Included in this playbook:

Formation overview, numbering system, line splits, snap count and motion, blocking schemes, pass blocking scheme, shotgun snap, huddle, and player placement. This playbook has colored play diagrams against multiple defenses. Blocking rules also featured under every diagram. This playbook is tablet and mobile friendly.

Plays Included (3 Formations)

Power Series (Twins Formation): Power, Counter, Buck, Power Pass, and Bubble / Buck RPO.

Jet Series (Rhino/Lion Formation): Jet Sweep, Jet Power, Trap, Lead Sweep, Reverse, Post-wheel and Split-end Fade.

No Huddle (Trips): Snag Concept, Flood Concept (Florida), and Sprint-out Concept (Texas). (one word play calls)

7 reviews for 20 Personnel Playbook | Spread Offense

  1. Coach Justom (verified owner)

    I won my league 10u championship with this offense. We were very difficult to defend. All plays set each other up.

    -Coach Justin, OC Jr Falcons

  2. Coach John (verified owner)

    I really like this playbook and hope to use some of it this upcoming season.

  3. Coach Shawn

    I used this played last season and it was great for us. The power and counter play are great complements to each other. They were by far our most successful play.

  4. Coach Jackson (verified owner)

    We had a great season running this offense. We had a really good QB that could run and throw so he did good with this system. The quarterback counter play was really good.

  5. Coach Bill (verified owner)

    We went undefeated and won our league championship 4 straight seasons. We paired YFO’s Beast Formation with this playbook and we were unstoppable.

  6. Coach Alexander (verified owner)

    Power and counter was our bread and butter. We’ve used this playbook the last 4 seasons- from 5th to 8th grade. We won our league 3 out of the last 4 seasons.

  7. Coach Joe Silva (verified owner)

    Great playbook for youth football. I highly recommend.

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