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The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Youth Football Online

Wide Tackle 6-2 Defense 

  • Tough against the inside run. Makes running off-tackle very difficult.
  • Simple to install, works great on the younger age levels of youth football.
  • 6 Defensive Line eat up gaps which free up your Linebackers.
  • True Linebackers are hard to find on the youth football level. With this defense, you only need 2!
  • Double A-gap defenders create blocking confusion for the offensive line.

Complete Series: Wide Tackle 6-2 Defense 

Understanding the 4-2-5 Defense 

  • Can easily align against any formation the offense comes out in.
  • It will always give you at least 6 defenders in the box, making it strong against the run.
  • Great against spread formations.
  • Allows you to be multiple with your coverage.
  • Includes alignments, blitz packages, and coverages.

Complete Series: Understanding the 4-2-5 Defense 

4-3 Defense Storm and Snake Blitz Package

storm blitz

  • This is a very good blitz package against Spread Offenses.
  • Storm Blitz attacks off-tackle.
  • Snake Blitz attacks off of the edge.
  • These blitzes are very confusing for the offensive line to pick up.
  • Easy to install, work very well.

Complete Series: Snake & Storm Blitz out of the 4-3 


The 3-3 Stack Defense 

  • Stacked Linebackers create blocking assignment confusion for the offensive linemen.
  • Able to adjust to any formation very easily.
  • There are several different blitz, slants, and coverages that can be implemented out of this defense.
  • Very good against Spread Offenses.

Complete Series: 3-3 Stack Defense 


The Slanting 3-4 Defense

3-4 Defense

  • Can be used at any age level of football.
  • Slanting creates confusing and blocking conflict for the offensive line.
  • Can easily adjust to any offense formation.
  • Tough against the run and strong against the pass.
  • Man to man and/or zone coverage friendly defense.
  • Puts speed on the field with the four linebackers.

Complete Series: Slanting 3-4 Defense


4-4 Defense Blitz Packages 


  • “Aces”, inside pressure that is designed to stop interior plays.
  • “Storm”, edge pressure designed to stop sweep/toss plays.
  • “Twist”, off-tackle pressure designed to stop the power, and other off-tackle plays.
  • “Overload”, gap pressure that takes away one side of the football field.

Complete Series- 4-4 Defense Blitz Package


The 4-3 Defense System 

  • Great defense for any age level of youth football.
  • Can utilize safeties in several different ways.
  • Man and zone coverage friendly.
  • 4 defensive linemen free up linebackers and allow them to play downhill.

Complete Series: The 4-3 Defense System