Wing T Playbook

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Wing T Playbook Jet Series Offense E- Playbook (57 pages)


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  • Jet Wing T Philosophy.
  • Position & Numbering System.
  • Formations, Snap Counts, & Line Splits.
  • Jet Motion Implementation.
  • Blocking Scheme.
  • Player Placement.
  • No Huddle- Wrist Coach Scheme.
  • Play Calling.
  • Practice Routine (Bonus).
  • Shotgun Wing T Plays (Bonus).
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!

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Wing T Playbook

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This Wing T Playbook Jet Motion Series is an explosive offense. This Wing T Playbook will be successful at any age level of football. There is no other offensive attack in youth football with the speed and deception of the Wing T Jet Series.  We’re offering this comprehensive playbook for immediate download.

This Wing T Playbook not only contains the Wing T Jet Series from under center, it includes the Wing T out of shotgun and an unbalanced formation. This Wing T Playbook can be used out of any of the three formations with very little adjustment. Play chart diagrams for all three formations are also included. This Wing T system will give your team a terrifying offensive identity. If this offense is implemented to its fullest potential, it will be a complete nightmare to stop. More importantly, this offense is easy to implement and can be installed within a week. Children, parents, and coaches will enjoy watching the execution of this offense.

(Bonus) Also included in this Wing T Playbook are two types of blocking schemes.

(Bonus) A great conditioning plan which will prepare your players for the up-tempo, no huddle pace.

Wing T Playbook

Wing T Playbook Testimonials:


Good evening. I’m sure you get emails like this all the time but I just wanted to write to tell you about the success my team had using your offense this year. I coach the Senior team for the South Walton (Florida Panhandle) Youth Association and we had our best team ever. Last season with essentially the same group of boys our team went 3-6 while averaging somewhere around 10 points a game.  This season I took over the play calling responsibilities and followed your wing t playbook system to the letter.  Our team went 11-0 and won our league championship while averaging 35 points per game. This number is actually very skewed in that we scored 35 points in the first half of 5 of our games and played the second halves with all of our backups and a running clock. The score in our Super Bowl game was 37-0 at the half.  I know you didn’t give us our defense but we only gave up a total of 82 points all season.(I had to brag there)  I just wanted to say thank you for the information. I know this system has been around a long time as I ran the old Delaware Wing T back in the mid 80s when I was in high school.  Thanks for making this information available and easy to teach. We had coaches who at the start of the season said you can’t teach 12-13 year olds to play pulling guard. If you work at it you can!  Thanks again and best of luck to you.  -Coach Todd Oliver

My season went very well my Jr Midgets went 10-1 and we are headed to Orlando, Fl Dec 2-11 for the AYF National Championships. Love the jet series it helped me use all my weapons and speed.   -Thanks Marcel, Off Coordinator of Elk Grove PAL Dukes Jr Midgets.

I was already running an empty Jet offense and added yours to give us an under center look. Needless to say, your offense is awesome. I believe that Jet motion is the best way to get a back outside. We had a very fast kid that wasn’t very big that ran our jet motion. We had a lot of success with the Jet sweep and the trap. The trap was a constant 4-5 yard play most of the time. We ran a boot pass away from Jet motion which was successful 80% of the time. All in all we had a great year with a winning record. I actually saw the 49ers run the Jet sweep last Monday night. Great offense coach. – James Knaus, Head Football Coach, La Habra Lions Midgets

My 10/11 year old, 120 pound West Boca Dragon Orange Dragons has a successful season this year finishing with a 7-1-1 record and regular 2012 season first place standing. We ran the Wing T playbook Jet offense all year. The boys found it easy to understand and run. Each week we layered in more options including counters, reverses and some nice passing options.

My biggest concerns with kids this age was teaching guards to pull and having tackles block down. As we saw different defensive schemes, the boys became more comfortable with who to block and our wing backs each had touchdowns every game.  The guards did a nice job pulling. Most teams we played had not seen pulling guards like that before.

Unfortunately we had some tough injuries to some of our top players and lost in our playoffs. But overall the team finished in first place, the boys had a blast running the offense and I will be using it again next year! (Video below!) 

Thanks, Coach Alan Shimel

My team went 6-4 we made the playoff under your wing t playbook system I feel the blocking technique could have been better but we did good. I am bringing it back next season and even stronger than before I like the offense and digging deeper in understanding even more to prepare myself for next season. Thank You. 

-Coach John Delhi Raiders Youth Football

Click to read our interview with state champ Coach Sloan, he used the Youth Football Online Wing T Jet Series to perfection. 

3 reviews for Wing T Playbook

  1. Coach Powers

    I have so many playbooks for High-school, but I found out this week I’m coaching elementary 4th -6th grade team in Utah Girls tackle football, I’m on staff there; USA Football heads up coach, and they needed a experience coach to take over that team.

    Well I told myself, I need a offense playbook ASAP and I don’t have time to make a playbook, I have High school playbooks that are too advanced!!!

    I was thinking??? >> Youth Football Online for a playbook!!!!! HELL YEAH!
    I just ordered the jet wing T wing and it looks so awesome! The offense will be a killer for other teams.

    Thank-you so much for helping out coaches just like me!!!
    Keep up the good work!! Yes I’m a sucker for cool new playbooks! LOL!

  2. Coach Bill

    I’m a big fan and have been following you guys for a while. Recently bought the Wing T playbook, it looks great.

  3. Thomas Billington

    Jet sweep is the best play in football. This playbook does a great job of giving you a balanced attack with all the plays setting each other up. Used it this past season and allowed us to reach top 3 in our league in scoring. We went 6-2 and made the semifinals.

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