Gun T Formation Playbook for Youth Football

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  • This is the PDF version of the Shotgun Wing T Paperback.
  • Playbooks are downloaded instantly. No shipping, no wait!
  • Balanced playbook, features plays that attack all areas of the field.
  • Gives your offense an identity and a system your players will love.
  • System of plays that all complement each other.
  • System based around the best play in youth football- The Jet Sweep!
  • Printable colored play diagrams. Tablet & mobile friendly.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The Gun T Formation Playbook will give your offense a structured attack. This system features plays that all complement each other. The Gun T is built around the Jet Sweep play. The Jet Sweep play will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. Jet will force the defense to widen, which will leave them vulnerable for the complement plays.

This is a true ‘IF-THEN’ system. IF the defense does this, THEN we call that. They won’t be able to stop everything. To truly be a successful offense, you must be able to attack all areas of the field.  This offense will allow you to do just that! This offense will stretch the defense horizontally with the run game and vertically with the passing game.

Gun T Formation Playbook for Youth Football


This offense will allow you to attack all areas of the field, which will make the defense have to defend all areas of the field. This playbook has plays for all your skilled position players. Forcing the defense to prepare for all your skilled position players is difficult to do.


The Gun T Formation Playbook will give your offense structure- not just a bunch of random plays. All plays in this playbook complement each other. This offense attacks the defense with the Jet Sweep Series. The defense can commit to stopping any one play. If they do, they will leave themselves open to get beat by a complement.


This offense is explosive- even if you don’t have an abundance of great athletes. If you do have great athletes, this offense will be absolutely lights out. Having a structured attack will allow you hit with all the complement plays off of the Jet Sweep.

Playbook Includes

Numbering system, formation overview, line splits, snap count, motion timing, blocking schemes, pass blocking scheme, shotgun snap, no huddle play calling system, install schedule, and player placement.

Plays Included

Jet Series: Jet Sweep to SE side, Jet Sweep to the TE side,  Jet Power to the SE side, Jet Power to the TE side, Trap, Buck, Reverse Buck, Post-Wheel, Seams, Flood, and No Play.

Unbalanced Formation: Jet Sweep and Jet Power.

Bonus Plays: QB Sweep, Counter Buck, and QB Belly.

10 reviews for Gun T Formation Playbook for Youth Football

  1. Coach Chris – Jr Tigers Youth Football – FL (verified owner)

    This playbook really gave our team an identity! We did buildd around the jet sweep play. Jet Sweep was good for us but the complement plays were big hitters. The great thing is these plays can be ran from under center as well. We ran this with our 5th grade team and did a mix of under center and shotgun. This playbook clearly communicates blocking rules and has decent play diagrams. Highly recommend. Coach Jeff was great too. I reached out to win with a couple questions and he helped me out a lot and even sent me video of his team running these plays.

  2. John Malone (verified owner)

    I purchased this playbook for all the coaches in our organization last season. Our teams were much better offensively since running this system. Youth Football Online is great, they answered all our questions and even had a call with our 6th grade coaches. Great playbook. Great website. Been coming hear since 2019.

  3. Coach Tyson Taylor (verified owner)

    Scored a lot of points the past two seasons running this. Won our league championship in 2021 and 2022. We’re looking to 3peat this year as 8 graders.

  4. Jackson P (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this playbook. Great website I’ve been coming here to learn about football for a long time. Coach Jeff is great.

  5. Coach Bill Brown (verified owner)

    Great playbook. I actually used a lot of the plays from I-option playbook that is free.

  6. Coach Wayne (verified owner)

    I’ll say this playbook is great. I purchased it and used it with my 7th grade team last year and our 5th grade team won the league running it as well. It’s great for all age levels of football. Coach Jeff is great- reach out tohim if you have any questions. I bugged him several times throughout the season and he always got back to him and helped me out. Buy this playbook and go score some points.

  7. Coach Shaun

    Awesome playbook. Highly recommend. I asked Coach Jeff for some game film and he sent me a bunch which helped a lot. Great playbook for all ages of youth football.

  8. Coach Jimmy V

    Won our league championship using this playbook. We had a slow start but by week 2 we were firing on all cylinders. Very much worth it.

  9. Coach Shuler

    Great playbook, highly recommend. I also have their spread formation playbook, which is great as well.

  10. Coach Rocco Simon, KC Jr Bucks, 12u

    These guys are great. They have a playbook for every age level. We loved the jet sweep. You need to be really good at the jet sweep or the other plays won’t really work. But man, we killed teams with jet sweep, then the companion plays off of jet killed the defense again. It’s truly a system of plays.

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