Lightning 7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook & Plays | PDF

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  • Printable play diagrams. Mobile and tablet friendly. Color diagrams.
  • Great for all age levels and all levels competition.
  • Includes plays out of 3 different formation- 2×2 Spread, 2×2 Stack, and Bunch 3X1. 43 pages.
  • Includes a super simple numbering system.
  • Route running techniques- route running, stance, and beating press and off man coverage.
  • Playbook includes 28 plays with one concept to each side- giving you 56 passing concepts and combinations.
  • Portion of the proceeds go to youth football organizations in need of funds.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)! For 11 on 11. 


Lightning 7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook & Plays | PDF

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Our Lightning 7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook is great for all ages. It’s utilizes a very simple numbering and play calling system. Coaches can easily print or show their players these diagrams from their phone or tablet. This playbook labels each player with a number. This will allow you to easily assign each player a number and show them what route that number is running on the play diagram.  This will also allow you to easily switch kids around to different positions. This playbook is what we used to win our league championship 3 out of the last 4 seasons!

We call this our Lightning 7 on 7 Playbook because all of the pass plays in this playbook will allow you to utilize your athletes in the open field. All plays in this playbook have two passing concepts built in on each side. We have a man to man coverage beater on one side and the receivers on the other side will run a zone coverage beater. So regardless of what coverage the defense is playing you will always have an answer. These plays are designed to beat pretty much any defense and they are easily to install and execute. This playbook is truly a structured attack.

Flag Football Plays
Sample Play

Included in Lightning 7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook: 

  • Route Running Techniques
  • Beating Press Coverage
  • Wide Receiver Stance Technique
  • Simple Numbering System
  • Formation Overview

2×2 Spread Formation 

  • Go-Out (left) & Slant-Flat (right)
  • Slots Mesh (crossing routes)
  • Push Screen (right) Bubble (left)
  • Smash (left) & Flood (Right)
  • Shallow Cross
  • Deep Out (left) & Double Post (right)
  • Flood Q Roll out
  • Stick Concept
  • 4 Verticals (all verts)
  • Snag Concept (right) & Go-Slant (left)

2×2 Spread Run Plays & Complements 

  • Jet Sweep Right
  • Jet Pass Right
  • Jet Sweep Left
  • Jet Sweep QB Throwback
  • Q Counter
  • Jet Reverse

2×2 Stack Formation 

  • Snag Now-Go (right) & Post-Wheel (left)
  • V Concept (right) & Dig-Corner (left)
  • Mesh Concept
  • Stack Option
  • Clear Out (right) & Now-Go (left)

Bunch 3×1 

  • Slant-Arrow (left) & Flood (right)
  • Verts (left) & Post Wheel (right)
  • Option (left) & Snag Concept (right)
  • Hitch (left) & Smash Concept (right)
  • Hook & Ladder
  • Clear out (left) & Chase Concept (right)
  • Center Out

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2 reviews for Lightning 7 on 7 Flag Football Playbook & Plays | PDF

  1. Brett Campion (verified owner)

    Great playbook! I won my 7on7 league championship last fall with a lot of these plays in the playbook.

  2. Coach Shea (verified owner)

    Great playbook. It had answers for pretty much any coverage. I will be utilizing these plays again next spring. I will also use some of these plays with my tackle team in the fall.

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