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Youth Football Playbooks – Defense


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3-5-3 Stack Defense Playbook

3-5-3 Stack youth football Defense Playbook






-“Attacking Defense” Philosophy

– Position Responsibilities & Gap Summary

– Player Positioning

– Blitzing and Scouting Guide

– 10 Bonus Blitzes Included

Attack opposing offenses with the: 3-5-3 Stack Defense 

Swarming 53 Defense Playbook

Swarming 53 Youth Footbzll Defense Playbook

-“SWARM”  philosophy.

-8 defenders in the box to shut down the run.

-Simple gap defense. Easy for kids to remember.

-Disrupting blitz plays.  Blitz play designed to stop power, sweeps, and mobile QBs

-Adjust into a 4-4 easily.

Smother opposing offenses with the: Swarming 53 Defense Playbook




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