Flexbone Offense Playbook

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  • Balanced formation (double slot) that forces the defense to defend both sides of the field.
  • Tackle-over formation (unbalanced) included. This will create alignment conflict for the defense.
  • Utilizes rocket motion to stress the defense out horizontally and to add an element of deception.
  • Series based playbook. Every play sets another play up.
  • Electrifying rocket series and big hitting passing concepts.
  • Play-action passes off of every core run play. They will hit for big yardage.
  • Easy to install playbook which also gives your team an identity!
  • Blocking schemes included (veer, midline, rocket sweep, Iso, counter and belly).
  • (Bonus) Hurry-up Offense Scheme.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The Flexbone Offense Playbook for Youth Football

The Flexbone Offense Playbook for youth football features a balanced formation (double slot) that makes the defense defend both sides of the field. This offense features: two split-ends (RE) / (LE), two slot backs (RS) / (LS), a fullback (FB), a quarterback (QB), two tackle, two guards, and of course a center.  This offense utilizes motions from both slots backs. This forces the defenses to defend both sides of the field and forces them to adjust on the fly.

This playbook features a balanced formation (double slots), an unbalanced formation (tackle-over), ends over RT, ends over LT, and a trips formation (spread). All the plays featured in this playbook are executed out of those formations. There are plays that attack the interior, off-tackle, and the edge of the defense. This is a system of plays that will put the defense in conflict on every single play. This playbook will give you a strategic attack that will force the defense to pick how you will beat them. This playbook has answers for everything a defense can do.

Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. A link to download the playbook will also be sent to the email address you provided. 

Flexbone Offense Playbook for Youth Football



This playbook features a series of plays, every play sets another play up! There are counters and play-action passing plays off of all the core running plays in this playbook. This playbook gives you detailed/defined blocking rules and assignments. This will ensure that the plays are blocked and executed properly. This offense also includes the veer option and midline plays. Yes, youth football players can run the option.


The Flexbone Offense isn’t just for running the triple option, it has a physical element as well. There are several plays that will allow you to line up and just run the ball down the defense’s throat. The ISO, Counter, and Trap play utilize blocking angles and hit the defense hard and fast. These plays are all off of motion which adds an element of deception to the offense as well.


In order to be explosive on offense you need to have balance and a built-in system of plays that make the defense defend against everything! If you want to be electrifying on offense, you need to have a well executed play-action passing game. This playbook has all of that! This playbook has the best play-action passing game out there. This offense is fun to run, it gives your team an identity, and it is very technical.

Included in this Flexbone Playbook (92 pages): 

flexbone table of contestsFormation and motion overview, snap count, motion timing, rocket series, veer series, mid-line series, quick passing game, screens, sprint-out pass series, and a simple no huddle offensive system. Play diagrams and blocking rules/schemes included.

Rocket Series (all plays with a slot going in motion): Rocket Sweep, Rocket Iso, Rocket Counter, Belly, Belly Option, QB Cutback, Rocket PA Wheel, and Rocket Waggle.

Veer Series (option): Inside veer, Zone Dive, Counter Option, Veer Reverse, Veer Halfback Pass, and Veer Play-action.

Midline: Midline, Midline Trap, Midline Triple, and Midline Play-action.

Passing Game: Lead Draw (run play), Hitch-Boot, Sprint-out Series, Backside Screen, Backside Duck, and FB Slip Screen.

Bonus: SIMPLE hurry-up offense scheme- plays numbered 1-6.

3 reviews for Flexbone Offense Playbook

  1. Coach Brett

    We had a lot of fun running this offense. The Rocket Sweep was our best play by far. The 2 wingbacks creates alignment conflict for the defense. Look forward to building off our success in 2019.

  2. Coach Dean (verified owner)

    Love the double wing formation. The rocket sweep was lights out for us. We were so good at rocket that the counters off of it hit big.

  3. Coach Jeff (verified owner)

    ISO was our best play out of this playbook. I liked it, we scored some points. I’ll recommend it.

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