Free Play Series- Offense

Free Play Series- Offense

Below are free play series-offense. Play series are 3-5 plays that all work off and complement one another. Click the links below for immediate access. Don’t just run plays, run a series of plays!

FREE Twin Formation Play Series

Overview: The twins formation spreads the defense out horizontally. If they do not respect the spread formation you hit them outside. If they spread out with the formation you attack inside. This play series also utilizes a mobile QB.

Twins Formation

-Quick hitting 4 play series.

-Spread the defense out horizontally with twin receivers to both sides.

-Make the defense defend the QB as a running threat.

-Verbal no huddle play calling included.

Check it out now: Twin Formation Playbook Series

FREE Bunch Formation Playbook Series- by Coach Jim Shannon

Overview: This bunch formation play series is a very good youth football series. It utilizes a bunch formation which creates alignment conflicts for the defense. It also creates excellent double team blocking and angle blocking opportunities.

Bunch Series Plays

-Creates alignment conflict for the defense.

-Balanced series.

-Kill man to man coverage with the “RUB” play.

-Easy to implement.

Learn More: Bunch Formation Playbook Series 

The Jet Sweep Play Series

The jet sweep is one of the best plays in all of football. This play is utilize with much success on every level of football. The jet sweep will get your athletes out in space very quickly. This jet sweep play series features a couple different ways & formations you can execute the jet sweep out of. This series also features a lights out post/wheel pass off of jet sweep.

jet series

-Jet sweep can be executed out of various formations.

-Attack the edge of the defense very quickly.

-Force the defense to adjust to the motion of get beat.

-Only have to block 2-3 defenders to get big yardage.

-Lets your athletes work in space.

Learn More: Jet Sweep Series

The Inside Zone Wham Series

The zone blocking is becoming very popular on the youth, high school, college, and even the professional level of football. In the Inside Zone blocking scheme each lineman is responsible for blocking their play-side gap and getting vertical movement on the defender in that gap.

Plays Featured: Inside Zone Wham, Inside Zone Arc Adjustment, Inside Zone Arc Play-action Passing.

Inside Zone Wham Play

-Utilize athletic QB.

-Forces defense to be disciplined, assignment football. They just can’t pin their ears back attack.

-Easy to implement and works on every age level of youth football.

-It’s relevant. It’s gaining popularity and gives your team an identity.

-Wham block absolutely destroys defenders.

-Simple blocking scheme that gets a push and gets the second level (linebackers) blocked.

-Excellent play-action passing attack.

Learn More: Inside Zone Wham Series 

The Rocket Sweep Series 

The rocket sweep series is easy to install and really allows you to get your athletes the football in space. We all know how difficult it is to tackle good athletes in space. With that said,  get your playmakers the football in space using this rocket sweep series.

Rocket Sweep Play

-Gets your athletes the football out in space very quickly.

-Only have to get 2-3 defenders blocked to gain big yardage.

-Fast hitting, very effective.

-Put the defense in series conflict. Forces them to either adjust or get beat!

-When the defense sells out to stop the rocket sweep, hit them with counter or the play-action passing play!

Learn More: Rocket Sweep Series 

Wing T Belly Series off of Rocket Sweep Action 

This belly series works very well off of rocket motion action. The motion will influence the defense to widen in an effort to contain rocket sweep. Once you see the defense widen to defend rocket sweep, hit them inside with belly.

Belly Split

-Included in series: Belly Split, Belly Kick, and Belly Option.

-Utilizes rocket motion, which will force the defense to overflow.

-Two different ways to run belly- split & kick.

-Between the tackle play that takes advantage of overflowing defenses.

– Easy to install, creates very good blocking angles for your offensive line.

Learn More: Wing  T Belly Series 

T Formation Series for Youth Football 

T Formation Belly


-Included in this series: Power, Belly, Counter, and Post-corner (play-action pass).

-Balanced formation that makes the defense defend both side of the formation.

-Gets several blockers at the point of attack.

-Double TEs gives you run blocking options at the point of attack (down blocks & double teams).

-Easy to install, very effective.

Learn More: T Formation Series 

Power I Formation Series 

Power I Formation Power Play
-Plays included: Power, Trap, Counter, and Power Pass.

-Easy to implement- youth football friendly.

-Ground and pound.

-Explosive play-action passing play.

-Makes the defense defend both sides of the formation.

Learn More: Power I Formation Play Series 

Pistol Formation Power Series 

Pistol Power Play

-Plays include: Pistol Power, Pistol Counter, and Pistol Play-action Pass Play.

-Easy to install and works very well in youth football.

– Great formation for putting the defense in conflict.

-Twins formation will force the defense to respect the quick passing game. This will open up the inside running game.

Learn More: Pistol Power Formation Series 

Hammer Package for Short Yardage 

The Hammer Package is a way way to line up and pound the ball down the defenses throat. It’s a formation that tells the defense that we are running the football and there is nothing they can do to stop it. It’s the ultimate statement package.

short yardage

-Unbalanced formation that will allow you to outnumber the defense at the point of attack.

-It’s the ultimate make a statement package! Line up and run the football!

-Great package for short yardage.

-Plays included: Hammer Power and Hammer Counter.

-Easy to install, very effective on all levels of football.

Learn More: The Hammer Package for Short Yardage

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