Spread No Huddle Trips Playbook

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  • Playbooks are downloaded instantly. No shipping, no wait!
  •  6 run schemes and 6 passing concepts. Great plays for all age levels of football.
  • System based playbook. Meaning, it features a set of core running plays that all complement each other..
  • SIMPLE no huddle play calling strategy- Numbers, Leverage, Player advantage system.
  • No huddle video embedded- execution, communication, coaching points, and actual game film.
  • Offense can be executed from the huddle as well!
  • Print friendly playbook, colored diagrams- looks great on desktop, mobile, and tablets.
  • PDF printable play cards / diagrams that you can bring to practice to show players and coaches.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!
  • 5 Bonus Plays- play diagram / card PDF.


Spread No Huddle Trips Formation Playbook

The Spread No Huddle Trips Formation Playbook features 6 run plays and 6 passing plays (2 screens). This playbook utilizes the trips formation- which has three receivers to one side and a tight-end to the other. This formation will create alignment conflict for the defense. This playbook utilizes a no huddle play calling system that will allow you to get the right play to your players based on the alignment of the defense.

This offense can be implemented at any age level of football. It will give your team an identity and will help you score more points, which will allow you to win more games. This playbook has all the information that you need to get this offense installed quickly and efficiently. This playbook has play diagrams, detail blocking schemes and rules vs. various defenses. This playbook features a 3×1 formation.

Offensive Philosophy


This playbook features a series of plays that all complement each other. The Trips Formation No Huddle Playbook will give your offense structure- not just a bunch of random plays. All plays in this playbook complement each other. The run game is built around the Buck play. This playbook utilizes gap scheme run plays. The passing concepts that are featured are what we call ‘any coverage beaters’. Blitz beaters, man beaters, and zone beaters all included.

Create Defense Misalignment

This formation is very difficult to defend. Teams will either over-shift to the trips side or they won’t match the numbers at all. Putting a TE opposite not only gives the defense another passing strength, but also an extra gap they must defend in the run game. The H-back also creates alignment conflict because even though he is off the ball he is like another TE and must be respected in the pass and the run game.

Gap Scheme / Blocking Angles 

This offense will utilize gap run blocking schemes- down blocks with a kick-out of the edge defender. Gap schemes are great because they create great blocking angles on the defense. In addition, the defensive line is taught to look inside and watch the ball- so they won’t even see the down block coming.

No Huddle Play Calling

Going no huddle will allow you to call the right play vs. the defense you are seeing. It really takes the guessing out of play calling. Going no huddle will allow you to attack the defense where you have the numbers, leverage, and / or player advantage. There is a no huddle execution / install video embedded in the PDF.

Included in this Trips Formation playbook: 

Content: Numbering system, formation overview, snap counts / cadence, no huddle execution & play calling strategy, no huddle execution video embed, blocking scheme vs. double A-gap defenders, shotgun snap, player placement, colored play diagrams with blocking rules, and pass blocking scheme breakdown.

Run Game: Buck, ISO, GH Counter, H-buck, Trap, and Reverse Buck.

Passing Game: Snag, Verticals, Tunnel Screen, Slot-fade, Flood, and Post-out.

Bonus Plays: Heavy Buck (tackle over), Power, Trail Concept, Whip Concept, Switch Verticals Concept.

Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. A link to download the playbook will also be sent to the email address you provided. 

6 reviews for Spread No Huddle Trips Playbook

  1. Coach Justin (verified owner)

    This playbook helped us go 10-0 and win our league championship. We lead our league in scoring. It’s a great playbook and I look forward to installing it again with my 6th grade team this year.

  2. Chris Walsh (verified owner)

    This playbook is great. We ran it with our 8th grade team and won our championship. The no huddle was great for us. Very simple communication strategy. Go GWB Falcons!

  3. Coach Bill Johnson (verified owner)

    The buck play was great for us. The blocking diagrams were great and the no huddle installation and play calling video that was featured helped us with our play calling. We went 6-2 last season which was great because we went 1-7 the year before. Im excited to install this offense again with my now 7th graders. Highly recommend this playbook.

  4. Coach Shu (verified owner)

    Awesome playbook. It’s cool that they included play diagrams. I was able to print them out for my coaches. Can’t wait to run this offense this season. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

  5. Coach W

    I just purchased the playbook and I really like it. It’s going to be a game changer.

  6. Coach Jim (verified owner)

    The detail in this playbook is unmatched by anything else out there for youth. The videos helped a lot. Great playbook if you have a great QB. I’d recommend it.

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