Shotgun Wing T Playbook Paperback Edition


  • Physical Book, Free Shipping! 
  • Colored play diagrams vs. various defenses.
  • Blocking rules/assignments for every single position.
  • Gloss cover and pages which ensure durability.
  • Perfect bound- long edge (stability).
  • System of plays based around the Jet Sweep play.
  • Blocking adjustments (tags) for core plays.
  • Simple no huddle play calling system.

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(Ships 7/21/22) Our newest playbook, the Shotgun Wing T Paperback Edition includes everything you need to install an offensive system. This playbook is comprehensive and it works very well on all age levels of football. The book is limited edition, full color and contains large play diagrams that you can bring to practice and show your players, coaches, and/or parents.

This book was published on 100# gloss paper, which will allow you to take it to practice without worrying about ripping the pages, getting them wet, or getting them dirty.

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Here’s what’s inside… 

This is a system of plays that are all built off of the Jet Sweep. This playbook will give your team a structured attack, an answer for whatever the defense wants to do. This system forces a defense to drastically adjust to the jet motion, which leaves them open to get burned by the complement plays. The defense can stop any play in this playbook, however, if they commit to stopping one particular play, they leave themselves vulnerable for complements. This book includes colored diagrams and blocking schemes for each play and player. The Shotgun Wing T system runs the same core plays out of three different formations. This will allow you to be multiple while keeping things simple for your players.

Formations Included: Split Right / Split Left (balanced), Heavy Right / Heavy Left (unbalanced), and Twins Right / Twins Left (spread).

Plays Included: Jet Sweep, Jet Power, Trap, Buck, Reverse Buck, No Play, Post-Wheel, Seams, and Flood.

Here’s a look at a couple of these plays in action.


“Great book Jeff great detail can’t wait to install this season!! Worth the $ !!”

-Coach Wayne

“This Jet Series is awesome because it gave me a system of plays to run. All the plays set each other up.”

-Coach Justin

“We went undefeated with our 8th grade team and won our league championship. We were first in our league in scoring. It’s a great system which all the plays set each other up. the Jet Sweep and post wheel play was lights out!” 

-Coach Shawn