Shotgun Wing T Playbook

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  • Attack the edge of the defense very quickly.
  • Create alignment conflict for the defense.
  • Make the defense defend the QB as passing and running threat.
  • Series based scheme. Every play complements another.
  • Fast-Diverse-Explosive.
  • Attacks all areas of the field.
  • Spreads the defense out horizontally, while maintaining wing t integrity.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!

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 Shotgun Wing T Playbook for Youth Football


The Shotgun Wing-T playbook is an explosive and diverse youth football offense. This offense is able to attack all areas of the field, it offers speed/power/deception with a lights out play-action passing attack. The Youth Football Online Shotgun Wing T playbook will allow you to attack the defense with your quarterback (especially if he’s a dual-threat QB). Utilizing a mobile QB will make the defense prepare for him as a throwing and running threat.

Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. 

Here’s a sample play:

Shotgun Wing T Playbook

We’re offering this Shotgun Wing-T Playbook for immediate download (PDF).

Included in this Shotgun Wing T Playbook: 

  • Offensive Line Split Distances
  • Series Based Scheme- Every Play Sets Another Play Up
  • Positioning & Hole Numbering System
  • Balance and Unbalanced Heavy Formation
  • Snap Count & Motion Timing
  • Player Placement
  • Jet Motion Timing
  • Play Calling Progression
  • Full Breakdown of Blocking Rules
  • Blocking Scheme Adjustments
  • Color & Detailed Play Diagrams vs. Various Defenses
  • No Huddle Play-calling Scheme.

Plays Included in this Shotgun Wing T Playbook:

Jet Sweep, Power, Trap, Cross, Lead, Reverse, Delay, Waggle, Post-Corner, Post-Wheel, QB Sweep, QB Power, and QB Trap.

This offense is volatile- you will score points. It’s easy to implement and it will give your football team an identity. Fellow coaches, parents, and players will all love this offense.

Buy Coach Jeff’s comprehensive Shotgun Wing T Series E-Playbook and get it now (file will be sent to your email address).

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I like the shotgun wing t formation. I showed my stuff and they like it as well..I feel this offense will put us in a position to make big plays with the speed we have on our team..our coaching staff wants to go no huddle and this offense will be perfect for that I believe! 

Coach Jerome Diggs

This playbook is easy to download. It is a PDF file that can be printed and given to assistant coaches and players.The Jet Sweep was our best play as it opened up our QB power once defenses sold out to stop the sweep. Solid Playbook.  Thanks guys…

Coach John Thomas, NJ

We went from a 3-5 record to a 7-2 record after we installed this playbook. We ended up losing the championship game (real heart breaker). We averaged over 30 points a game. We were able to utilize a kid at QB that could really run. The QB sweep play was the best play for us. It let our QB get outside with a bunch of lead blocker.  In order to have success with this offense you need good centers. You need kids that can handle press and do consistent snaps.   We also ran this exact offense from under center with just as much success.

Coach Bill Jones, NC

Good playbook. It explained the blocking scheme clearly which helped. The best thing is Coach Jeff will usually get back to your questions fairly quickly.  We are currently 4-1 in our spring league and our offense is averaging 30 points a game.

Coach Ken

5 reviews for Shotgun Wing T Playbook

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    I really think a system like this is perfect for maximizing your strengths while being able to hide your weaknesses. Playbook looks great, I’ll let you guys know how our season goes.

  2. Coach Donte (verified owner)

    It’s time to rock and roll! I love your work bro…detailed and not hard to install at all…I’m looking forward to install the Jet Sweep out of the Shotgun.

  3. Andrew Johnson (verified owner)

    Ran that playbook this year. Super explosive even if you don’t have the best players. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a playbook where everyone “including the parents” can understand and hit the ground running before your first game.

    – Coach Andrew

  4. Coach John (verified owner)

    I purchased the Shotgun Wing-T a while back. Great playbook I must say.

  5. Coach Justin

    We went 10-0 and won our league Super Bowl! We also let our league in scoring offense with this playbook.

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