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The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Youth Football Online

The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football
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Youth Football Online

Playing 7 on 7  football is a great way for the kids to stay in shape during the winter, spring and/or early summer. Playing baseball in the spring is fine, but it does not put the kids through football type drills and motions. I push all my players to enroll in a 7 on 7 flag football league to stay in shape and prepare for the fall. I want my players to be running routes, catching footballs, throwing, competing,  and engaging in other football motions.  It’s all about staying active and competing.  Below is a great 7 on 7 football playbook that helped us win the league championship.

In this spring 7 on 7 league I will have a couple of players that will be on my team in the fall. So this league will be  a great way to evaluate my players and to have them learn a little bit about our scheme.  Below are our points of focus for our offense and defense:


This 7 on 7 league  will be used to work on our QB timing, route running, chemistry, catching, throwing,  and stalk blocking. The kids will  learn and execute our jet series and several different other passing concepts that we may install come this fall. The primary goal is to find two more QBs and to see who our athletes are!

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(VERY IMPORTANT) Receiver Routing Running and Stances 

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We will work on our cover 3 zone and man to man coverage techniques. We will also work on pursuit angles and how to beat blockers in space. We will work a lot on our alignments and making sure our kids get depth in their zone drops. Since this is a 7 on 7 league, we will probably play a lot of man to man coverage. In addition, we will practice playing defense with enthusiasm and effort. I want every single defender flying to the ball carrier or receiver.

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7 on 7 Football Playbook:

Most 7 on 7 defenses will play man to man coverage, leaving them exposed to rub, combination, and play-action passing plays. 7 on 7  football rules vary, it depends on the league. In the league I am coaching in 5 players can go out for passes and there is no formation or alignment requirement.

7 0n 7 Football Plays 

Each 7 on 7 flag league has different rules. I’ve been apart of some leagues that you cannot run the football. I’ve also been apart of some leagues that does let the center go out for a pass after he snaps the ball.  This 7 on 7 playbook will work very well regardless of  league rules. You may just have to make a few minor adjustments.

Note: You can throw to both sides of the formation. There will be a zone beating concept to one side and a man coverage beating concept to the other. I have targeted receivers highlighted in yellow, but you can work the ball to any receiver.

Jet Sweep

Sweep 7 on 7

Jet sweep is an excellent way to get your athletes the football out in space. Get your playmakers the ball in the open field! Receivers can either stalk block or runoff (vs. press man).

QB Counter

QB Keep Play 7 on 7

Once the defense starts to over play the jet sweep, hit them with QB counter.  If you see the defender is running across with the motion, hit them with this QB keep. The QB must give a slight ride fake to the (3) to sell jet sweep. After he ride fakes, he takes off to the left. Receivers can either stalk block or runoff (vs press man).

Post/ Corner

Post/Corner 7 on 7 Flag Football

This post corner concept works very well against zone and man coverage. The (2) releasing into the flat will almost always be open. If the QB (1) sees the (2) has separation, then have him hit the (2) in the flat.  The only issue with this play is that it does take a long time to develop.  The backside will run a smash concept.

Post/ Wheel

Post/Wheel 7 on 7 Play

This is another excellent concept that beats zone and man to man coverage. The Wheel route is almost always open. The QB also has the option to hit the (2) on an out route.  Back-side (L) & (3) run double slants.  This play also takes a little time to develop, but it does work very well. We’ve scored a lot of touchdowns with this Post-Wheel play. It’s a features a post-wheel, but it is really a 2 level flood play.

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Rub Route Passing Play

This play absolutely kills man to man coverage. This rub concept can be executed to any receiver. The (L) and (3) run quick slants and the (2) runs a quick out right off the butts of the slanting receivers. The (R) and the (4) will lined up in a stacked look. The (R) will run a slant and the (4) will run a go route. On the stacked side, the (4) is almost always open. This is another play that almost always works.

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Fake Rub – Corner 

Corner Route 7 on 7 Football

When defense get beat by the RUB play, they will begin to sit, looking for the (2) on the quick out. When they sit on the RUB, we will fake rub and have our (3) run a corner route behind the defenders looking for the RUB. The (R) and (4) will be stacked to the right. The (R) will run a go route and the (4) will fake a quick screen.

Final Thoughts…

I’ve had a lot of success with this 7 on 7 football playbook.These plays are easy to install and work very well at any age level. These passing concepts will get the kids open, but it comes down to the QB’s ability to throw and the receiver’s ability to catch the football. The only time we were really stopped, was when we had a bad throw or the kid dropped the ball.

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