Shotgun Split Backs Formation Playbook

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  • Playbooks are downloaded instantly. No shipping, no wait!
  • Structured and balanced system. Plays that attack all areas of the field.
  • 8 run concepts (run plays).
  • 3 core pass concepts (play-action), 2 bonus pass plays.
  • Explosive play-action passing plays.
  • Split-end Route System.
  • Print friendly playbook, colored diagrams- looks great on desktop, mobile, and tablets.
  • PDF printable play cards / diagrams that you can bring to practice to show players and coaches.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!
  • 7 Bonus Plays- play diagram / card PDF.


The Shotgun Split Backs Formation Playbook is a great playbook for all age levels of youth football. This playbook features a structured attack that will give your offense an identity and series based attacked. This formation utilizes a Tight-end, Split-end, H-back, and two half-backs. This formation will force the defense to have to defend both sides of the formation. This playbook will give your offense structure, explosiveness, and an identity. This playbook will provide you with a combination of deception, power, and a big hitting play-action passing attack.

Shotgun Split Backs Formation Playbook

When you have the TE to one side and the H to the other, it creates alignment conflict for the defense. In addition, having a running back on each side of the QB will allow you to hurt the defense with the counter game. If you have a mobile Quarterback this offense will be even more explosive. However, you don’t need a mobile QB to dump a bunch of points on the defense. This offense will give you a balanced attack. It has a great mixture of run and pass plays. You can also take a running back and put him at the QB to turn this into more of a direct snap offense.

This playbook also features a Split-end / Wide Receiver check with me option. If you have a great split-end (wide receiver) these plays will help you utilize him! This Split-end route system provides you with one word calls that will tell the receiver what route he’s running.

Split Backs Offense


This playbook will provide you with a structured offensive attack. All the plays in this playbook complement each other. This Shotgun Split Backs Formation Playbook has answers for anything the defense does. This playbook will give you an explosive, organized, and structured attack.


The series based attack will allow you to hit big plays. Once teams load up to stop one play, it sets them up to get beat by a complement play. The best way to truly be explosive in youth football (from a schematic standpoint) is to have a structured attack that features a series of plays. The play-action passing plays out of this offense are explosive. You’ll hit a bunch of touchdowns with the post-wheel passing concept.


It’s important that your offense has an identity. It’s critical that all coaches, players, and parent buy in into it! The Shotgun Split-back Formation Playbook will give you that identity. This playbook is built around gap scheme run plays, which your team can take pride in executing. When someone asks what offense do you run- you say we’re a Shotgun Split-back team! The structure of the playbook will give your team an identity.

Run Plays Included: Lead Sweep, Strong Iso, Weak Iso, Power / DUO,  Trap, Buck, Cross Buck, and Reverse Buck.

Pass Plays Included: Post-wheel, Seams, and Waggle.

Split-end Route System: Slant “Syracuse”, Fade “Florida”,  Quick Out “Oregon”, Quick Out & Up “Oregon G”, Hitch “Houston”, Hitch & Go “Houston G”.

Bonus Plays: Unbalanced Blast Sweep, A-gap ISO, QB GH Counter, Unbalanced Lead, Unbalanced Lead Hammer, Post-Corner, and Go-out. 

6 reviews for Shotgun Split Backs Formation Playbook

  1. Coach Vin

    This is an awesome playbook. We won our league championship running this.

  2. Coach Rahsaan

    I like how play diagrams are printable. It helped during install when I brought them to practice. Great playbook that was a nice change up to our spread offense playbook- which is also from youth football online.

  3. Coach Bill

    My staff and I loved the playbook. The lead sweep and post-wheel were big hitters for us. Highly recommend. Thanks to coach Jeff for giving me nearly access!

  4. Coach John

    We went 6-2 this past season. However, we went 3-0 in the playoffs and won our championship. The offense helped a lot. We were very good offensively. Look forward to running this again this year and even adding to it.

  5. Coach Jon

    I love the playbook. I’m looking forward to installing this offseason come fall.

  6. Coach Jim

    This playbook is great. I can’t wait to run it this season! Very exciting.

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