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Best Offenses for Youth Football

Here is a list of the best youth football offenses. In youth football, scoring is the key to success. Having a solid offensive attack not only puts points up, but it keeps the opposing offense off the field. Youth football offense needs to be practiced often.

Youth Football I Formation

Youth football I formationThe I formation, also known as the “Power I” is probably the most commonly used offense. This offense consists of 5 linemen, and a 2 tight-ends or split-end option. There are many different alignments for the I formation.

The I formation is the definition of power football. For decades football coaches have been using the power I.  This offense has with stood the test of time, because it is still a youth football favorite. This offense is simple and easy to implement. This offense is a balanced set (can go unbalanced) for the most part, which gives the defense no strong side. This will thin out and make the defense play the whole formation.  The “blast” play is the staple of this offense. The sweep play is also a decant play out of this formation.  On the sweep play it is imperative that you get your back running down hill. Inside traps and counters work well in this offense. Pulling linemen, and filling with the fullback is also easy to do in this offense. The Power I is very youth football friendly. Check out our comprehensive youth football I-Formation e- playbook.

Youth Football Double Wing Offense

Youth Football Double Wing Offense

The double wing offense has become popular the past couple seasons. I see the double wing about 2-4 times a year. This offense consists of 5 linemen, 2 tight-ends, 2 wing-backs, and a full back. This offense is pretty difficult to stop, and will work well on the youth football level.

The double wing is all about getting blockers to the point of attack. This offense will pull the backside guard and tackle nearly every play. There are double teams at the point attack on each play. One of the wing-backs goes into a short fly motion, and receives a shovel pitch. The motion back is also used for deception. This offense has the “wedge”  play, which is probably the most effective play in this offense.  The wedge is a nightmare to stop. Long story short, the double wing is an explosive offense in youth football. It is easy to implement and the kids will love it. The double wing super power is an explosive play with 9 guys at the point of attack! click link to check it out. This is a very powerful offense and is one of the best offenses for youth football .

Youth Football Wing T Offense

youth football wing t offense

The wing t offense consists of 5 linemen, 2 wing-backs, 1 tight-end, 1 split-end, and 1 full-back. This offense is one of the original offenses. When coaches think of the Wing T offense, they think of the Delaware Wing T, made famous by Harold R. Raymond. This offense has history and is really one of the best series based offenses.

The wing t is all about deception, making the defense have to defend 5 players each play. This offense works all off blocking angles and out flanking the defense. The wing t has a nasty series of plays which include: buck sweep, belly, fullback trap, counters, and waggle. This offense is best used with some sort of motion (jet, rocket, or fly). This offense is one of the best  offenses for youth football because of it’s deception. This offense has multiple players going in different directions; this will confuse a youth football defense. This offense is a dominate offense in youth football.  I think the wing t is one of the best offenses for youth football. I have been running it for a long time with a lot of success. Check out our youth football Wing T Jet Series e- playbook!

Youth Football Wishbone Offense

youth football wishbone offense

The wishbone offense seems to be common in youth football. I see the wishbone a few times a year. Wishbone has 2 tight-ends, 5 linemen, 1 fullback, and 2 half backs. Also a split-end can be used instead of just two tight-ends.  This is also a balanced formation, meaning even threats on each side of the field.

The wishbone is a great power offense. It gets many blockers to the point of attack. Having a 3 man backfield will allow cross, trap, pull blocks from the linemen.  One of the 3 backs can be used to fill the void from the pulling or trapping linemen. It has a great counter game; the defense will lose the ball when the 3 running backs are going in different directions. This offense can have a real good play action passing game, as long as you are running the ball successfully. I would recommend this offense; it is simple, but an overall powerful offense. I have used this offense with some success back in my early years of coaching youth football.  The wishbone offense is one of the best offenses for youth football.

Youth Football Single Wing Offense

youth football single wing offense

My favorite thing about the single wing offense is the unbalanced formation. Youth football defenses tend not to shift to the unbalanced offense. They might shift, but most of the time they really do not adjust fully, allowing them to be out man at the point of attack.

This offense is all about double teams at the point of attack, along with kick out and crack blocks at the edge. The single wing offense is really deceptive as well. Using different kinds of motion will add to the deception. The wedge play, like the double wing wedge is really difficult to stop.  This offense will take a number of reps to get the timing down with the direct snap and motion, but all in all it is a powerful offense.

Youth Football Split-Back Formation

youth football split back offense

The split-back offense is an offensive I have used in the past with great success. This formation features 5 linemen, 1 tight-end, 1 slot-back, 1 split-end, and 2 split half backs. This offense is not very common in youth football.

This offense has a killer counter running game. The misdirections work really well, when the split backs cross. Having a slot back will also give you a good flanking angle on the defense; the slot can crack the defensive end on sweeps. The slot can also carry the ball on reverses and traps. The slot can also be a valuable pass receiver. This offense is also an option friendly offense; load option – blocking defensive-end or read option (reading defensive end). This offense is also relatively basic; powers, counters, sweep and traps all run smoothly out of this formation. The split back formation is one of the most common and one of the best offenses for youth football.

Youth Football T Formation

Youth Football T Formation

The T Formation is a balanced offense. This offense consists of 5 down linemen, 2 tight ends, and 3 running backs. The left half back lines up over the left guard. The middle running back, full back type player is lined up behind the quarterback. The right half back lines up behind the right guard. All three backs are 4-6 yards back.

This offense is a great power running offense. It is much like the I formation & wishbone, with multiple lead blockers out of the back field. This is an off-tackle based offense, because getting out side can be difficult.  The T formation also has deadly counter and trap plays. The running backs going in different directions will really create confusion for the defense. Youth football defenses tend to bite to the side where the quarterback opens up to first.  The power running game will set up easy down and trap blocks on trap and counter players. Play action passing can be successful out of this formation.  Overall this offense is solid for youth football. It is also as simple as it gets.

Youth Football Flex-bone Offense

flex-bone offense

This offense consists of 5 down linemen (center, guards and tackles) 2 wide receivers, 2 slot backs, quarterback and fullback. This offense has been around the block.  Georgia Tech has been known for their mid-line and option attack out of this formation.  This is a very option friendly offensive formation. My local high school runs option/midline out of this formation with much offensive success.

This offensive formation can also be used on the youth football level, though it is not very common. What is effective about this formation is that it has a wide receiver/ wingback flank. Much like the wing t offense, this offense uses the slot back to out-flank the defense.  Crack blocking with in youth football is a killer block. You can crack the edge defender with the slot and crack an outside linebacker with the wide receivers (or vice versa). With the crack blocking by the wide receivers and slot backs it your full back to be able to lead block on sweeps. Motion can also be used in this formation easily with much success. The motion will add speed and deception to this formation.

This offense is underused and underrated in youth football. It can be an explosive. Motion and option series out of this formation are lights out.

All these offenses have are commonly used in youth football. There are offenses like the spread that are starting to gain traction but these are the best offenses for youth football. Many times the best offense for your youth football team is one adjusted around your talent.  Sometimes you have to find plays that gives your team the best chance for success.