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Heavy Right 36 Jet Power Play

Jet Power Football Play

Our heavy right 36 jet power play is designed to take advantage of defenses that are overflowing or over-shifting in an effort to defend the jet sweep. We are a jet wing t team that will run jet sweep several different ways. We will run jet out of several different formations as well. Since we run so much jet, we needed a play that can attack off-tackle faster than our belly play. We have our counter, belly, and wedge play all off of jet sweep action, but we needed something off-tackle that will allow us to execute some true power football.

Taking advantage of overflow with the Heavy Right 36 Jet Power Play

I love this jet power play because it allows us to take advantage of the defense when they decide to overflow to our jet motion side. I love running this play out of an unbalanced formation. We will bring our left tackle over to the right side so that we can really play power football. If defenses want to commit to stopping our sweep play, they will have to commit defenders to stopping it. Teams will usually load up the outside or slant hard outside once the motion comes at them. Once you notice the defense is widening to defend jet sweep, you can now use their aggressiveness against them and hit them inside.  This is a true power play!  It is running behind two offensive tackles and fullback leading through the hole.

Center (C): Blocks head up defender, if there are double A-gap defenders, center blocks backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard (G): Inside-over-free.

Right Tackle (T): Block defensive tackle.

Left Guard (G): Inside-over-free.

Outside Tackle (T): Work to block outside linebacker.  You also have the option of having the tackle double team the defensive tackle with the tackle inside of him.

Tight-end (TE): Block down, or work to cut off.

Split-end (SE): Stalk block or run off.

Quarterback (1): Takes snap, hands to the (3) coming in jet motion, fakes bootleg left.

Fullback (2): Lead block through the hole, look to block linebacker.

Right Wing (4): Take inside leverage step, gut the defensive end out.

Left Wing (3): Full speed jet motion,  then plant and cut it inside the (4)’s kick-out block.  Ball carrier needs to cut off of the (2)’s lead block.

 Heavy Right 36 Jet Power Play Coaching Points:

  • Execute the jet sweep so that you can set this play up.
  • Once the defense begins to widen, slant, blitz, overflow, or over-shift to the jet motion side, hit them with this jet power play.
  • The (4)/play-side wing back, must take a good inside leverage step and drive the edge defender outside (in this case it’s the DE).
  • You can double team the play-side defensive tackle if he is a good player. Double team those tough DTs with the tackle and the outside tackle so that they don’t blow up the play.
  • Jet motion player just cuts inisde and gets behind the (2) leading the way.
  • The jet motion timing doesn’t change, only the point of attack does.
  • You can cheat the (SE) down to make it look like he is going to crack block. This will help sell jet sweep.
  • The jet motion player should be coming across at full speed. He must look like he is going outside with the football.
  • Be sure that your team can execute this to both sides of the formation.

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