Wing T Offense

Wing T 100 Formation

 Wing T Offense 

The wing t offense is proven and can be executed successfully on any level of football. This offense is also very deceptive.  Every play looks the same for the first few steps. Every wing t coach knows and runs the belly, buck sweep, power, trap, counter, and waggle series. In my opinion, these are some of the best players of all time. I love this offense because it is truly a series based offense. Every play will set another play up!  You will see many different variations of the wing t offense.  There is the traditional under center wing t. There is the spread, and pistol wing t that utilize a mobile QB. There are many other offenses that utilize wing t tactics as well.

Skilled Positions in the Wing T Offense

The wing t offense will utilize one or two wing-backs at one time (some say slot & wing). Having a wing-back will allow you to outflank the defense. The wing-back will be able to down block on any c-gap defender or a wide defensive tackle. The wing-back can double team an aggressive defensive end that is difficult to block. The wing-back can be used to execute some kick-out blocks and seal blocks. The wing-back can also run a pass pattern.  The wing-back and tight-end flank as you can see in the 100 & 900 formation below create  real conflict for the defense. Wing-backs should be your best all around players. They need to be able to block, catch, and run the football. Our full-back is usually a bigger stronger kid, that can block as well.   The QB does not have to be a stud. This is a simple offense to teach and the kids will catch onto it quickly.  The split-end will need to be a kid that can catch the ball and stalk block well in space. For this offense to work all players must carry out their fakes.

Here are a couple basic wing t offense formations:

100 Formation


Wing T 100 Formation




900 Formation

 Wing T 900 Formation






Wing T Red Formation





Wing T Blue Formation




Offensive Line

My favorite aspect of the wing t offense is the angle/down blocking scheme. The wing t offense will use a lot of down, trap, and kick out blocks. Working angles will allow your offensive linemen to flatten some of these defensive linemen. Angle/down blocking is an excellent way to utilize a smaller offensive line. This offense uses some combination blocks as well. The combination blocks can be used to get some movement on a dominate D-linemen. The guards will usually have to be decent athletes because they will be pulling. When you consistently pull guards you can also do some false pulls. False pulls, mostly know as key breakers will throw off the defender that are keying the guards. Key breaker are when you pull a linemen to the opposite side you are running to. A key breaker can be used to make a play look like another play that has already been executed.

The wing t offense also utilizes a tight-end.  Personally, I love having a tight-end because it creates conflict for the defense. You can down block with the tight-end. You can double team defensive linemen with the TE. Having a TE will spread the defense out horizontally and will create an additional  gap that the defense will have to be responsible for. Tight-ends make the formation strong. Let’s not forget that the tight-end can be a passing threat.

Key-breaker example:

Buck Sweep (guards pulling)



Buck Sweep



Counter (key breaker example)

 Counter Play

You can see the (LG) is pulling out to the left. You can see how the (right back) is faking buck sweep to the left. The RG helps with the nose guard, then combos onto the middle backer. These two plays have been the staple mark of the Wing T Offense for a long time!

Wing T Offense Plays

The wing t offense has evolved over time and in my opinion it is more explosive than ever!  The jet sweep allows your  athletes to receive the ball while running full speed. This play attacks the edge of the defense quickly and puts the defense in conflict.  Having motion will force the defense to slant or roll coverage to the motion side, leaving them open for a counter play off of the motion. You can also use the jet motion back as a lead blocker. You can have the jet motion player go out and run a pass route also.  The rocket sweep out of the wing t offense has also gained much popularity. The rocket sweep is a play which attacks the edge of the defense. I feel the rocket sweep is even more explosive play than jet. Running Jet and or Rocket sweep to your best athlete can devastate defenses. My best RB last year had 1,800 yards rushing and 18 touchdowns.  I believe at least 7 where on jet sweep and 6 on rocket sweep.

Many teams will now run trap, power, counter, and waggle off of jet motion.  Now a days many teams are utilizing the mobile quarterback.  Teams will use the pistol or spread wing t which will make the QB a running threat. Numerous teams will run zone reads, QB draws, QB counters, QB powers, and  QB sweeps.  Having a mobile QB takes the offense to an entire new level. It pretty much takes away the defense’s extra defender. It makes the defense game plan for the QB as a running threat. It really makes it 11 vs 11. Utilize a mobile QB by downloading our Shotgun Wing T Playbook.

Jet Sweeps:

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Rocket Sweep

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DOMINATE with the Jet Wing T Offense

The Wing T Offense

-Easy to implement.

-Coaches, players, and parents will love it.

-Be fast even if you do not have fast players (jet motion).

-Create an unbalanced formation with jet motion.

-Give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares and serious alignment conflicts.

-Create an identity,  become a wing t team


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