4-4 Stack Defense Playbook

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  • Playbooks are downloaded instantly. No shipping, no wait!
  • Video breakdown of alignment and blitzes- helps with install.
  • A structured, attacking defense!
  • Seven blitzes, four stunts, two base gap assignment calls.
  • Cover 3, Cover 1, and Cover 4.
  • Coaching tips for defensive linemen, linebackers, and secondary players.
  • PDF printable play cards / diagrams that you can bring to practice to show players and coaches.
  • Print friendly playbook, colored diagrams- looks great on desktop, mobile, and tablets.
  • PDF printable play cards / diagrams that you can bring to practice to show players and coaches.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The 4-4 Stack Defense Playbook is great because it will allow you attack the offense with multiple stunts and blitzes. You can easily align to any formation that the offense comes out in. The 4-4 4-4 Stack Defense features four down linemen, four linebackers, and three defensive backs. The 44 Defense is strong against the run because it gives you an eight man box. It’s also good against spread formations because there are four linebackers that are on the field. This defense puts speed on the field while maintaining a strong run box. The four defensive linemen will occupy the offensive line, freeing up your linebackers to make plays.

The 4-4 Stack Defense Playbook

This defense utilizes multiple blitzes and stunts that will confuse offensive linemen. When you stack your linebackers over the defensive linemen, it will hide what gaps your defenders have or are going to blitz. It keep the offensive linemen on their toes and keeps them guessing. This defense will slow down the offensive line’s fire out because they have no idea what way the defensive linemen is going to slant and / or what gap the linebacker is going to blitz. It makes the offensive linemen play slow and allows your defenders to play fast. This playbook has everything you need to install this defense. This defense is great and fits all skillsets- great for undersized teams and great for teams that have good size. It’s a great playbook for all age levels if football.

4-4 Stack Defense


This defense playbook is very deceptive and will keep the offensive linemen guessing. These blitzes and stunts are very effective because they are not utilized a lot on the youth football level- this playbook will give you a point of difference. How much do you think coaches have their offensive linemen practicing picking up blitzes? Not much I bet. Youth football offenses won’t be able to pick these blitzes / stunts up- I guarantee it.


Our 4-4 Defense Playbook is an aggressive defense. You will attack the offense with multiple blitzes and stunts that they will have no answer for. When you constantly mix up your blitzes / slants, you’ll frustrate the offense. There is nothing more demoralizing for opposing offenses than getting absolutely smothered at the line of scrimmage. This aggressive style will slow down their ‘get off’ (offensive linemen fire out) and allow you to play fast. This playbook is aggressive, but it’s also structured.


The 4-4 Stack Defense Playbook is an aggressive defense that will allow you to play fast, play aggressive, and have fun. The kids, coaches, and parents will love this defense. Your players will love the multiple blitzes and stunts. In addition, it will give you a structured attack and a team defense identity.

What’s Included in the 4-4 Defense Playbook

Two files: Play diagrams and coaching points / video breakdown.

Two Base Gap Calls: Downtown & Uptown. Goal line and prevent defensive also provided.

Blitzes Included: Interior blitzes (a-b gap), off-tackle blitzes (b-c gap), edge pressures (defending sweeps), overload blitzes, and an all-out blitz.

Stunts: Four different stunts- defensive linemen and linebackers gap exchange pressures.

Coverages: Cover 3 (base coverage) and Cover 1 (man free coverage). Cover 4 / prevent.

4 reviews for 4-4 Stack Defense Playbook

  1. Coach Jackson

    The kids had a lot of fun running this defense last year. We almost always had a free rusher. Highly recommend.

  2. Coach Johnson

    Very in depth playbook. It has everything you need to install the defense. The two gap calls downtown and uptown help because it gives the defense structure. All the blitzes work off of those two calls. Great playbook- offensive linemen had trouble blocking these stunts up.

  3. Coach Digs

    Great playbook, comprehensive. I have a bunch of their playbooks, they’re all good. This one is new so I grabbed it. I will let you know how it goes when we run it in the fall. Playbook looks awesome.

  4. Coach Joe Solace

    There’s a lot of different blitzes and stunts in this playbook, we ended up using three of the consistently. Fun defense to run. I like how he broke down the proper alignment vs offensive formations.

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