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QB Iso Football Play- Spread

QB ISO Football Play- Pistol Spread

The QB Iso Football Play is an excellent way to utilize a mobile QB. In today’s game, the isolation play isn’t just the staple mark of the I-formation, it is being implemented in spread offenses. Many teams on all levels of football are utilizing “duel” threat QBs. The QB Iso football play gives you an extra blocker at the point of attack and it makes the defense have to defend the QB as a running and throwing threat.

This play is a “must have” play for spread no huddle teams. When you spread the field and the defense is forced to adjust, it will soften up the box. Soft box, meaning the defense only has 7 or less defenders in the box. In youth football if you aren’t getting 8 in the box, then that is considered a soft box. When the defense gives you a soft box, that is when you call this QB Iso football play. This play is very, very powerful because you will have an extra blocker at the point of attack (since QB is running the ball). If the defense doesn’t spread  out with your spread formation, just call a play that attacks the outside.

QB ISO Football Play- Spread

Blocking Rules and Overall “Philosophy” of the Iso Play

With the Iso play you will double team the PS defensive tackle (T) at the point of attack. This will isolate the (M) linebacker. The (H) will lead through and block the (M) backer that we are isolating. You do have the option to have the PS guard combo off onto the (W)The QB will look to cut off of the (H)’s lead block. It is absolutely vital that the offensive line that are double teaming drive the defender back.  As you can see the PS (T) has a “one on one” block with the (E). You don’t need to drive that (E) back 20 yards (if your tackle can, then great!), you just need to engage and take him anyway he wants to go. Just stay locked on him. It is the QB’s and (H) job to keep their head up and adjust their path accordingly (use their vision!). 

We absolutely love running QB Iso off of jet motion. Jet motion puts the defense in serious conflict. After the defense gets roasted by Jet Sweep a couple of times, they will either roll defenders or slant to the motion side in an effort to defend the jet sweep. Once the defense widens to defend jet, it will open them up for this inside hitting Iso play. The jet motion will also force the (E) to widen or slant (to defend the jet sweep), which will pretty much take him right out of the play. If the (E) is sitting or squeezing down,  just have the motion back block him. You can also just have that BS tackle take him.  You do not have to run this play off of jet motion. This play will work very well with no motion. 

“Strong” Isolation Football Play

"Strong" Isolation Football Pla

You can run the Iso play to the (Y) side and it becomes a “strong Iso”. Strong meaning you are running it to the TE’s side (Y). Running Isolation to the TE side will give you an additional blocker. In addition, it will give you even more blocking options and combos that you can utilize at the point of attack.  Again, we have this off of jet motion because it will naturally widen or take defenders out of the box. This makes the OL’s life much easier (less defenders to block).

“Weak Iso” Football Play

Weak Iso Football Play

Defenses will eventually adjust to the strength of the formation (shift or align properly to the (Y) side) and when they will start to key  the (H) back.  Once the defense starts doing that,  you can hit them with the “Weak Iso” Football Play.  The only real difference here is that the jet motion player becomes the lead blocker. The (W) linebacker is now the LB we are isolating. The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped. 

Coaching Points

  • Double team defensive tackle at the point of attack.
  • (H) leads through, blocking the isolated linebacker. Attack the block!
  • The QB secures the snap, then looks to cut off of the (H)’s lead block.
  • Jet motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.
  • This play is best vs. soft boxes. When the defense spreads out with the formation, hit them with this Iso.
  • Once the defense starts adjusting to the (Y) and (H) side hit them with weak Iso. The motion player then becomes the lead blocker.
  • You can run this Iso play out of multiple formations. Utilize different formations to create alignment conflict for the defense.
  • Double team blocks are critical. The double teaming linemen must get hip to hip and drive the DT back.
  • PS tackle needs to lock up with that (E). Take him where ever he wants to go, just stay on him!
  • It is the (H) and QB’s job to use their vision to take the proper path. The point of attack can change at any second. It all depending on penetration and/or slants by the DL.
  • The (S) to the twin’s side will fake a bubble screen. This will hold that outside backer/safety.
  • The (X) will either stalk block the corner or run off the corner. He will run off when the (C) is playing press man to man. Any receiver that is running off must execute an outside release, so the (C) turns his back to the play. 

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