Spread and Shred Playbook Bundle

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  • Our Spread Offense Playbook “Spread Em and Shred Em”.
  • Our 3-5-3 Defense Playbook “Stack Attack”.
  • Our Special Teams Playbook.
  • All playbooks include play diagrams.
  • Comprehensive playbooks.
  • All playbooks are printable.
  • 3 playbooks (for all three phases of football) at one great price.
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  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


Spread and Shred Playbook Bundle Overview:

This bundle includes 3  of our best playbooks: Spread Offense Playbook, 3-5-3 Stack Playbook, and our Special Teams playbook. You get three very explosive playbooks for one great price! This bundle will give you everything you need to kick-off your season. This bundle will give you comprehensive playbooks that will help you win in every phase of football (offense, defense, and special teams). Download this playbook to your computer right now! No shipping! Playbooks download immediately following purchase. Scroll down to learn more about each playbook.

(Purchasing Note) Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. 3 Playbooks, one PDF file. 

Overview of Playbooks Included: 

Spread and Shred Playbook (Spread Offense)

This playbook features a system of plays that are executed out of three different formations. Each formation generates unique alignment conflicts for the defense. Spreading the defense out horizontally will help create natural running lanes. In addition, the spread formations will make the defense defend the entire width of the field. This system has plays that attack the interior, off-tackle, and the edge of the defense. There are several plays that are designed to utilize your athletic QB! This playbook has a lights out passing attack as well.

Spread Offense


  • Formation, position & numbering system, and  snap count breakdown.
  • Jet motion, timing, and installation.
  • Easy to implement blocking scheme!
  • Three formations.
  • No huddle install and play calling guide.
  • 8 BONUS plays that can be added at any point during the season.

3-5-3 Stack Attack Playbook (Defense)

This is an attacking defense that utilizes multiple slants and blitzes. This playbook has two base calls ‘Downtown’ and ‘Uptown’. This playbook is very easy to install and the kids will love it. This defense can easily adjust to any formation that the offense throws at you. The slants and blitzes will generate confusion for the offensive line. This playbook will allow you to control the line of scrimmage. There is nothing more demoralizing for an offense than a disruptive defensive line!

353 defense


  • Downtown and Uptown Base Calls (multiple blitz calls).
  • Position and gap overview.
  • Defensive alignment vs. various offenses.
  • Blitzing and scout guide.
  • Cover 2 and cover 3 zone coverage.
  • Goal-line defense and extra point block.
  • 10 BONUS blitzes that can be added at any point during the season.

Special Teams Playbook

Let’s face it, special teams gets overlooked. Between working on skills, drills, conditioning, offense, defense, blocking, and tackling, there isn’t much time left for special teams. This playbook is perfect for youth football. This comprehensive playbook will allow you to install your special teams very quickly. This playbook is easy to install, but most importantly it will get you production out of your special teams.

YFO Special Teams Playbook


  • Kickoff coverage and jet onside kick recovery.
  • Kickoff return and an onside kick recovery formation.
  • Punt formation and coverage.
  • Punt return play.
  • Extra point (field goal) and extra point block play.

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4 reviews for Spread and Shred Playbook Bundle

  1. Coach Rob

    Great playbook bundle. The spread offense system was great and the 3-5 blitzing scheme was very good for us. Had a slow start, but we ended up going 9-2 and won our league championship. We averaged 31 points a game and gave up less than 8 points the last 6 games with the 3-5.

  2. Coach Chase

    Great value. These will be playbooks that you can use with any age group. The playbooks are print friend which was nice.

  3. Coach Ted , Go Cougars

    Spread and shred!!!

  4. Coach Tim

    I have several of their playbooks, all are really good. Can’t go wrong.

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