Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook

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  • Balanced playbook, features plays that attack all areas of the field.
  • Gives your team a ground and pound identity.
  • Utilizes an unbalanced formation that puts the defense in alignment conflict.
  • Features double tight-end formation which will also threaten the defense to the weak side.
  • System based playbook. Meaning, it features a set of core running plays that all complement each other.
  • Easy to install, works very well on the youth football level.
  • Printable colored play diagrams. Tablet & mobile friendly.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)


The Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook is a balanced system of plays. This playbook contains plays that attack all areas of the field. The blocking back (BB) / (WB) flank creates serious alignment conflict for the defense. The Beast Formation forces the defense to adjust or get dominated at the point of attack. When the defense adjusts to the Beast side you can hit them with ISO, Counter, or Power Shift.

Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook

This playbook is easy to install and will allow you to mix up your snap counts. This playbook will only take one practice week to install. This formation is the ultimate short yardage/ goal line formation. This formation tells the defense that you are going to run it down their throat and there is nothing they can do about it. If your team is big and physical, you will dominate the defense. Even if you are undersized this formation will allow you to outnumber and outflank the defense. This will create natural running lines inside. This is the perfect playbook to use as a change up from your base system.

Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook for Youth Football | PDF Playbook

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Plays Included: Power, Iso, Sweep, Cross, Counter Belly, Power “Shift”, Flood, and Post-wheel.

Why Run the Beast Formation Playbook?

Extra Blockers: With traditional offenses your QB will hand the ball off and then carry out a fake. When you remove the QB you get yourself an extra blocker at the point of attack.

Eliminates Turnovers: So many times you’ll see fumbled snaps and exchanges. With the Beast Formation Playbook you will reduce the amount of handoff exchanges, which will lead to less fumbles.

Easy to Install: This offense can be installed in as less as two practices. The Beast Formation Plays will not require a lot of practice time.

Identity: This offense pretty much tells the defense that you are going to run the football down their throat and there isn’t anything they can do about it.

Multiple Ball Carriers: If you have more than one kids that can run the football well, you can easily switch kids around and split the touches.

Unbalanced Formation: The Beast Formation utilizes an unbalanced formation. Most defenses will either over shift to the formation, or they won’t really shift at all. This formation is very difficult to align to.

This playbook includes: simple hole and position numbering system, formation breakdown and line splits, snap count, coaching points, blocking schemes, colored play diagrams vs. various defenses, and player placement. This PDF playbook can be easily printed and given to your coaches and players.

6 reviews for Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook

  1. Coach Jeremy

    The beast formation playbook has detail on every play, and what the lineman’s job is, to what the skilled players job is, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great playbook, definitely a 10/10.

  2. Coach Devin (verified owner)

    I just thought I’d let you know this helped us stay undefeated this year and we just beat the team who beat us last year and was in the championship. Beast ftw (for the win)!

  3. Martegus Yancey (verified owner)

    Love it especially for our younger age groups. It’s simple and easy to install, fast paced overall great offense.

  4. Coach R (verified owner)

    The beast right 16 power play was unstoppable last season for us. It set up all the other plays. We’re definitely using this playbook again next season.

  5. Coach Rhodes (verified owner)

    Fantastic playbook- the plays work great and are very easy to install. This offense is a great change up to what you do. These all work off of each other very nicely. Highly recommend.

  6. Coach John (verified owner)

    This offense doesn’t get any simpler. It works for kids on all age levels of football. Direct snap to your best player and go score. Our base off was the spread so we needed something to change things up and the beast was it. It was an awesome change up. Great value.

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