Outnumber and Outflank the Defense with the Beast Tank Formation

Outnumber and Outflank the Defense with the Beast Tank Formation

The Beast Tank Formation is a great formation because it will allow you to outflank and outnumber the defense to one side. From a defensive standpoint, it’s a very difficult formation to align to. Most defenses will either over-shift to the Tank side or they won’t adjust at all. This is a great formation because it will allow you to utilize your playmakers by getting them the ball very quickly. The overloaded formation will create natural running lanes because the 3 Wingbacks will create 3 extra gaps off of the line of scrimmage. This forces the defense to shift all their players over or they will get beat. The philosophy of this formation is to win with numbers at the point of attack. There are also several different blocking schemes that can be utilized out of this formation. It’s a great formation for gap schemes, zone schemes, double team schemes, base blocking schemes- pretty much any blocking scheme will work out of this formation solely because of numbers!!

Outnumber and Outflank the Defense with the Beast Tank Formation

Beast Tank Formation Power

Play Diagram Note: we move our LT over when we go Tank Right. We move our RT over when we go Tank Left.

Beast Tank Power

The Power is the staple of the Beast Tank Formation. It will allow you to outnumber and out-leverage the defense at the point of attack. Since it’s a very difficult for defenses to adjust you will almost always have the numbers advantage. This play is blocked just like the traditional Power Concept. The (4) will kick-out the end man on the line of scrimmage. His aiming point is the inside hip of the defender he is kicking out. Make sure he doesn’t belly his pull path into the backfield. The (TE) and (RT) will double team the play-side defensive tackle. The (3) will look to block the  Middle Linebacker (M). The only difference is that you are not pulling the backside guard. There’s no need to pull any linemen when you have all those players at the point of attack. The Beast Tank Formation Power is the play you should build around. It;s the play your team needs to install first.

Beast Tank Formation Power Adjustment- ” Hammer Tag” 


Sometimes you will face a good defensive end or c-gap player who won’t allow you to block down on him. You’ll see a really good ‘wide Defensive Tackles’ with most 6-2 Defenses. These Wide Tackles can be very disruptive. The”Hammer” Tag is a great way to take care of those annoying wide Defensive Tackles. It’s always a good idea to have a couple different ways to run the same play. This will allow you to be multiple, while keeping things simple for your players.

Beast Tank Formation Power Adjustment #2 ” Deuce Tag”

There is another way you can deal with an annoying wide defensive tackle and that is to double team him. The “Deuce” Tag will tell the (TE) and the (2) to double team the DT so that you can get him moved off of the line of scrimmage. Sometimes those wide Defensive Tackles are difficult to move even with down blocks. There are times where you just need to straight up double team a defender to get him off of the line of scrimmage. Again, you are running the same play multiple ways!

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Beast Tank Formation Counter Play 

Defenses will typically either not adjust to the tank side or they will over shift to the tank side. When defenses decide to commit numbers to the tank side that is when you go with the Counter Play. The great thing about the Tank Formation is that you have 3 blocking backs that aren’t on the line of scrimmage. That means you can easily run Counter with numbers at the point attack without pulling offensive linemen. The (RG) will pull and kick-out the defensive end or force player depending on the defense. The aiming point for the (RG) is the inside hip of the defender he is kicking out. The (3) will lead through the hole and look for the play-side linebacker. The (1) will continue on his Sweep Path and then execute an inside handoff to the (2) going the opposite way. The play-side (TE) and (LG) will block down.

Beast Tank Formation Sweep Play 

The Sweep Play is great a great complement to the Power. After you gut the defense with Power, they will commit inside, then you will have leverage to attack them outside. I do like moving the 3 blocking backs out a little bit to give them better blocking angles. You don’t have to move the blocking backs out if you don’t want to. A good coach that scouted you may notice this on the film and it will give them a tell. The (4) will outside leverage step, then work to seal the defensive end. The (3) will arch and block the first linebacker to show outside of the TE. The (2) will lead block and look to tunnel the Cornerback. You don’t want to block the CB too early because they are usually a good athlete that will just go around the blocker. We want to block the CB and have the ball carrier cut right off of the block. When practicing this play it’s important that your seal player (4) takes an outside leverage step and works to gain and maintain that seal block leverage- his back needs to be to the play-side sidelines, swing his hips around.

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I had a team last season run this formation against us. It’s a very difficult formation to align too because there are so many blockers at the point of attack. This offense is designed to beat you with numbers. I highly recommend adding these plays to your playbook. This will be a nice complement to what you run offensively. We do run something similar as a complement to our Wing T (base offense). The great thing about the Beast Tank Formation is that it is very inexpensive in regards to practice time. You can get this stuff installed in like a day or two. This is definitely one of the best formation for youth football.

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