Wing T Belly Series in Youth Football

One of the classic series that has driven run based offenses for decades is the Wing T  Belly Series. The Belly pairs nicely with the Rocket Sweep as a compliment. It is an interior run that can punish over-pursuing defenders. It also serves as a great way to get the ball into the hands of the FB. The Belly Series features two different ways of blocking Belly and an option play to stretch the defense. The belly play is actually very easy to install and it is a football play that work very well.

Wing T Belly Series

Wing T Belly Series

Belly Split is the first play in the offense. This play works particularly well when the Defensive End is more concerned with stopping the outside run. In Split blocking the offensive line is blocking to open up the B gap. This means that the PST is blocking out, and the PSG and C are looking to double team the A gap defender to the backside linebacker. The PS Wing is going to go through the split between the PSG and PST and block the first defender he sees. If the QB sees a player in the B gap he can audible the play to the other side. The rule is that Belly Split always wants to be run to an open B gap. The QB should reverse out and give the ball to the F coming into the B gap. The FB will start by taking a lateral step with his playside foot and then come directly downhill through the B gap. He needs to have his eyes forward and be reading the block of the Wing. After the handoff the QB and BS Wing will continue down the line selling an option fake.

Belly Play with Kick out

Belly Kick (cross blocking) is a great change up that allows the offense to run Belly to an occupied B gap. In Belly Kick the PST and PS Wing will both be blocking down. The goal is for them to cave their defenders down and create a wall. The PSG will pull and kick out the first player outside of the Wing’s down block. The backfield will keep the same footwork but the F will need to come a little wider. On Belly Kick the F is looking to stay tight to the down blocks so he can get under the kick out block coming from the PSG. It’s important that the QB and BS Wing carry out their fake to bring the defenders wide and open up the running lane for the FB.

Belly Option

The final play in the Wing T Belly Series is the Belly Option. This is a perfect complement for when the defensive force player and Safety are falling in and tackling the FB. On the Belly Option play the QB will execute a great fake to the FB and then continue down the line running a speed option on the first defender that shows up. The QB should be thinking that he will keep the ball unless he has immediate pressure in his face off of the mesh. The goal is that the QB will be running through the option alley. The line will be blocking Belly Split with the exception of the PST who will be looking to hook the PS Defensive End. This should be an easy block as the fake should pull the defender into the B gap. On the normal version of the play the PSWR will run the CB off and force him to cover him deep. One alternative way to run the play is to have the PSWR crack the Safety and then have the QB read the CB as his option defender.


The Wing T Belly Series is a great way to get the ball in the hands of a dominant Fullback. This series relies on a downhill attack which forces the defense to commit men to the box. When this series is used in combination with the Rocket Series (link is below)  it can be a devastating attack that creates mismatches and downhill runners who are exploiting defenders who are forced to guess on where the ball is going.

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