Toss Sweep Series for Youth Football

Toss Sweep Series for Youth Football

The Toss play is one of the best plays in football for a coupe of reasons. For one, Toss will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. Secondly, it’s super easy to install. Lastly, it’s a great play that you can build an entire offense around. This Toss Sweep Series for youth football is out of the bunch formation. I absolutely love this formation because it allows you to outflank the defense on the edge. It create serious alignment conflicts for the defense- it’s very difficult to get align to. This formation presents a strong run threat to the bunch side, but it also gives you several different passing options as well. This Toss Series article will feature Toss, Counter, and Boot Pass.

Toss Play 

Toss Sweep

This series is built around the Toss play. This is the first play that needs to be installed. Toss Sweep will allow you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. The Z will seal the defensive end. The H will lead block and look to block the CB. The tackle will look to block the outside linebacker. Another option is to have the RT lead block and take the CB and have the H arch for the outside linebacker.

Coaching Points

  • This has to be the first play you install. Don’t install any other plays until this is executed perfectly.
  • The Q needs to execute a great toss. He must turn opposite, swing that far foot around and square up to his target. You need a good follow through on the pitch. Also, you don’t want him pitching around his hips/body- square up to the target!
  • It is the Q’s job to get the T the ball outside. As soon as the football is snapped, the T gets on his toss path and gets outside! He should not wait for the pitch. The further out the pitch is the better.

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Counter is the second play that should be installed. This is a great complement to the Toss play. Many times the defense will have their eyes on the T and when you fake the toss to the T, they will overflow to the toss fake, leaving themselves open for this Counter. Have a coach keep an eye on the defense so you know when they start to over-play the Toss. Also, defenses will begin to over shift to the bunch side so if you see them doing that Counter will be there. The Counter is my favorite play out of this Toss Sweep Series for youth football. It usually hits big!

Toss Series Counter Play

Coaching Points 

  • Establish the Toss play and then call Counter and watch it go for big yards. Then once they know you have a Counter play they’ll play less aggressive on Toss- that’s when you go back to gutting them with Toss.
  • The RT is kicking out the first defensive linemen past the Guard. His aiming point is the inside hip of the defender he is kicking out.
  • The H will wrap and lead through the hole. Keep in mind that sometimes this play hits inside or it can very well be spilled outside, which is fine.
  • A good toss fake is needed from the Q and T. Make sure the Q gets some depth on his toss fake because he is going to execute an inside handoff to the H.

Boot Pass 

Boot Pass

This is an awesome play-action pass play off of Toss. As I said above, defenses will usually overflow or over-shift to the Toss / bunch side leaving a backside Boot Pass wide open. This Boot Pass is great because it gives you QB easy pass options, but it also gives him an opportunity to the run the football if he has space. If the defense is containing the backside make sure the Q is ready to dump off quickly to the H. This play is very deceptive because it gives the Toss Sweep fake and it also looks like Counter because the H is coming across. The Z running the backside Post will could be wide open if the defense has the safety run with the Y on the drag.

Coaching Points 

    •  A great fake is needed from the Q and T. This needs to look like Toss.
    • The Y will execute a drag route above the linebacker level. He must continue his route to the field. If it’s man coverage he runs to the field. If it’s zone he will sit between the curl and flat zone defenders.
    • The H will run into the flat. Make sure he doesn’t collide with anyone- he needs to keep his head up and he may have to navigate through some traffic. He is really faking a kick-out block.
    • The X will outside release and run off- clear out the Cornerback.
    • The Q’s progression is Y to H to run the football. If the Q sees a lot of grass he should run. This will eliminate the throw and catch. Always take the easy yardage.
    • The Z could be wide open if the defense doesn’t play or have a safety in the middle of the field.

Game Footage: Toss, Counter, and Boot Pass 


This is a very good series for youth football because of its simplicity. This is a series of plays that all complement each other. If they commit to stopping one play, they will set themselves to get beat by a complement. This series can be install in just a few practices.


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