3-5-3 Stack Defense Playbook

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Playbook Includes: 

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  • “Attacking Defense” Philosophy.
  • Position Responsibilities & Gap Overview.
  • Player Placement.
  • Defense Alignment (vs various offenses).
  • Stunts and Blitzes.
  • Blitzing & Scouting Guide.
  • Zone Coverage- Base Cover 3, “Press” Cover 2 Adjustment.
  • Goal-line Defense.
  • Extra Point Block Twist & Overload Scheme.
  • Prevent Defense.
  • 10 Bonus Blitzes Included.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!
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Overview 3-5-3 Stack Defense Football Playbook

The 3-5-3 stack defense football playbook features three down defensive linemen, five linebackers, and three defensive backs. This defense utilizes a deceptive slant-blitzing scheme. The 3-5-3 stack defense playbook is loaded with blitzes and stunts that will create confusion for opposing offensive linemen. The offensive linemen will not know who is going to blitz (or from where the blitz is coming from).

This 3-5-3 stack defense has two base calls- “Uptown” and “Downtown” base calls. This playbook is very simple and works very well on any age level of youth football. This 3-5-3 playbook is comprehensive and uses simple terminology that is easily communicated to the kids. This defense is easy to implement, and difficult for the opposing offense to block. We call it the STACK ATTACK! 

Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. 

3-5-3 Stack Defense Football Playbook


 DECEPTIVE– Keeps the offense guessing up front while creating serious blocking conflicts.

 AGGRESSIVE– Attacks the offense every single play with different slants and blitzes.

 FUN– Players, coaches, and parents will absolutely love watching this defense. It is always more fun when you play defense aggressively.

Many youth football offenses do not have blocking schemes. This defense will absolutely eat offenses up (that do not have blocking schemes/rules). The best thing about the “Uptown” & “Downtown” call is that it is difficult to block, regardless of blocking scheme. The “Uptown” call has the defensive line slant out, and the linebackers slant inside. The “Downtown” call has the defensive line slant inside and the linebackers slant outside. These calls will shut down inside plays, off-tackle/power plays, and it will contain the outside plays. This defense maintains an 8 man box while being very strong in pass coverage. 

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6 reviews for 3-5-3 Stack Defense Playbook

  1. Coach Brandon (verified owner)

    I like how you guys break it down into easy terms. We ran a 35 stack with our kids at the high school level and it’s very versatile, but in depth at that level.

  2. Coach Shawn (verified owner)

    Wow thank you very much I used the 353 and it is amazing.

  3. Coach Mike (verified owner)

    I have used your 3-5-3 stack defense over the past 2 seasons with great results. It’s a great defense.

  4. Coach Bo (verified owner)

    The blitzing and stunting in this playbook was really good. We almost always had a free rusher. Very aggressive defense, fun to run.

  5. Coach Peter (verified owner)

    Offensive lines couldn’t block up our blitzes, we demoralized offenses. Best thing we did was switch over to this defense. Coach Jeff was great too, he helped me with a couple things. Highly recommend this playbook. You can definitely stop the run out of the 35.

  6. Coach Hyde (verified owner)

    Bought the playbook two years ago and we won our league championship again this season! Awesome playbook.

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