3-4 Defense Playbook for Youth Football

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  • Defense Philosophy
  • Position Responsibilities & Gap Overview
  • Player Placement
  • Defense Alignment (vs various formations)
  • Run Blitzes: Inside, Off-tackle, & Edge Blitzes
  • Multiple defensive line & linebacker slants
  • Cover 3 and Cover 4
  • Special Coverage
  • Goal line & Prevent
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The 3-4 Defense Playbook is a balanced playbook that is great for youth football. The 3-4 is great because it can easily align to any formation the offense comes out in. This is a very aggressive defense that will confuse opposing offense and generate penetration. The multiple slants and blitz will generate confusion for the offense. It’s a fun defense to run and it gives your team an attacking identity. It’s easy to install and it works very well in youth football.


This playbook balanced because it can easily adjust to any formation. This defense will accommodate all types of players. This defense is good if you are smaller upfront and it is good if you have some big boys upfront. This 3-4 Playbook features inside, off-tackle, and edge blitzes. It’s easy to install and the player placement guide will help you fill the positions with the right player.


This playbook attacks the offense with several different blitzes and slants. These blitzes and slants will get your defenders on the move and generate confusion for the offensive line. If you mix up the slants it will keep the offensive linemen guessing and on their heels. The great thing about this defense is it forces the offense to adjust to the defense!


The 3-4 Defense Playbook features several different blitzes that attack all areas of the field. The playbook features inside, off-tackle, and edge run blitzes. These blitzes are designed to generate confusion and keep the offense on their heels. There are several different coverages that can be utilized out of the 3-4 defense. Cover 3 and Cover 4 are the base coverages, but you can easily play man to man coverage as well!

3-4 defense
Sample Play (base cover 3)

The 3-4 defense has become more popular across all levels of football. One of the major reasons for this is the ability for the defense to adapt from week to week to combat the different offense that they may see. In addition, this defense can be adapted to use player’s talents and is less restrictive on having the ideal skill sets and physical talents.

4 reviews for 3-4 Defense Playbook for Youth Football

  1. Russell C Bell (verified owner)

    Looking for a scheme that is sound and can instill confidence in our player and checks most of the boxes.

  2. Bill Johnson

    Great playbook. I love the blitzes.

  3. Coach Ryan (verified owner)

    Great playbook. I like the blitzes out of it. We were very sound in this 3-4 defense. Great playbook, highly recommend.

  4. John Smith (verified owner)

    Great defense for youth football. Easy to install.

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