No Huddle Playbook Bundle | 3 Playbooks

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  • No Huddle Trips Formation Playbook
  • Beast Formation Playbook
  • 4-2-5 Defense Playbook
  • All playbooks include play diagrams.
  • Blocking assignments for all plays.
  • All 3 playbooks are printable
  • All playbooks are optimized for mobile phones and tablets.
  • FREE I-Option Playbook (PDF)  included with purchase (115 pages)!


The Spread No Huddle Playbook Bundle includes three playbooks for one great price.  Our playbook bundles offer the best value. Not only do you save money, you will be given everything you need to have successful this football season. The Beast Formation Playbook is a great complement to the Spread No Huddle. The Beast is great because it requires very little install time. The 4-2-5 Defense is great against any offense.

Spread No Huddle Playbook Bundle Includes

Spread Trips Formation No Huddle Playbook

The Spread Trips Formation No Huddle Playbook is great for all age levels of youth football. This playbook features 6 run schemes and 6 passing concepts. This offense will give you a balanced attack. The trips formation will put the defense in alignment conflict. Most youth football defenses don’t align properly to the trips formation. This playbook is built around the Buck Play. This playbook includes everything you need to successfully install this offense.

Playbook includes: six run schemes, six passing concepts, player placement, no huddle installation / execution and play calling strategy, position overview, formation overview, color play diagrams with detail blocking rules vs. all defenses, printable PDF (or tablet / mobile friendly) play diagrams that can be brought to practice, snap count, and numbering system.  There is a no huddle execution / install video embedded in the PDF.

Beast Formation Playbook

The Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook is a great complement to the Spread Trips Playbook. This playbook utilizes a direct snap to your RB(S) or mobile QB. This will give you an extra blocker. This is a balanced playbook that features a system of plays that all complement each other- this is an 8 play series. This offense is easy to install and it works on all age level of football. Playbook includes: Power, Iso, Sweep, Cross, Counter Belly, Power “Shift”, Flood, and Post-wheel.

Also Included: a Simple hole and position numbering system, formation breakdown and line splits, snap count, coaching points, blocking schemes, colored play diagrams vs. various defenses, and player placement. This PDF playbook can be easily printed and given to your coaches and players.

4-2-5 Defense

The best thing about the 4-2-5 Defense is that you can easily align to any formation that offense comes out in. It’s great against the spread and it’s also tough against compressed double tight formations. This playbook includes defensive line slants, multiple blitzes and multiple coverages. The blitzes and stunts will create blocking confusion and you will always have a free rusher.

This defense is great for all age levels. This doesn’t take a ton of time to install and it will give your team an identity. It will put a lot of speed on the field, while also maintaining a strong run box because of the 4 defensive linemen and two inside linebackers. This is one of the best defenses in football!

6 reviews for No Huddle Playbook Bundle | 3 Playbooks

  1. Coach Jim Deloach

    Just purchased this bundle. We can’t wait to install it come August. It has everything we need.

  2. Coach Bill

    Great bundle, a bunch of playbooks for a great price.

  3. Coach Kamren

    This is a great playbook bundle. We used all three playbooks with a lot of success. You really can’t go wrong with any of their playbooks.

  4. Coach George Hudson

    I got this playbook last year and it was great for us. The videos that were embedded were very helpful. The amount of detail that went into this play was great. I would recommend for any team over 6th grade and up.

  5. Coach Noah

    Used this with my 10u team and our 13u team. Very good playbook. Defenses never seemed to align properly to the formation. No huddle breakdown was very in-depth. Great playbook… recommended.

  6. Coach LB

    Thank you to Coach Jeff for the help in the playoffs. It made a huge difference and help us the win championship. This playbook is fantastic. If you have any questions they will always answer right away. They’re great.

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