4-2-5 Defense Playbook for Youth Football


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  • Defense Philosophy.
  • Fundamentals of Defense.
  • Player Placement.
  • Position and Alignment.
  • Base Gap Assignments.
  • Formation Alignments.
  • 2 Defensive Line Slants & 12 Blitzes
  • Cover 3, Cover 2, Cover 4, and Lock Man.
  • Goal Line & Prevent.
  • Install Plan.
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The 4-2-5 Defense Playbook for Youth Football features 4 defensive linemen, 2 Inside backers, 5 defensive back /safety type players.  There are two defensive tackles, two defensive ends, two inside backers, two down safeties, two cornerbacks, and one free safety. The 4-2-5 is a great defense because it is very flexible to multiple formations. The 4-2-5 defense can easily adjust to Spread formations as well as putting 8 in the box against Double Tight formations. This defense will allow you to be multiple, you can get into a variety of different fronts. It also will allow you to be multiple with your slants, stunts, blitzes, and coverages. Most 4-2-5 Defenses will play a two-high quarters based coverage, but we had adopted a Cover 3, 3 high base (this playbook still includes a two-high structure breakdown).

4-2-5 Defense Playbook for Youth Football

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4-2-5 Defense
Sample Play

In youth football it’s all about stopping the run and not giving up big passing plays. This playbook is designed to get your two inside linebackers to the play-side. The 4 defensive line will keep your linebackers free to run and make tackles. Having 4 defensive linemen allow you to stay tough against inside runs. Having two box safeties maintaining outside leverage will allow you defend against sweeps. This playbook features blitzes / stunts designed to defend against interior, off-tackle, and outside hitting plays.

4-2-5 Defense


This playbook is easy to install and will give you an easily answer for aligning to any formation. You can easily adjust to Spread, Balanced, Compressed, and Double Tight-end formations. There are also several different coverage options to combat all the Spread Offenses that we are seeing in today’s game. It’s a simple scheme and it is easy to install.


This is an attacking defense. This playbook will give your team an identity and it will give your players something to buy into. This playbook features a four man front (pre-snap), but you can blitz  one, two, or even all your linebackers and safeties giving you a different post-snap front. The philosophy of this defense is that we want all our players getting to the ball carrier.


There are several different types of defensive line slants, stunts, and blitzes. This defense provides you with simple blitzes as well as some twist and loop stunts. This playbooks utilizes Cover 3 (base coverage), Cover 2, Cover 4, and a man to man coverage option (“LOCK”). The best defenses in youth football are fundamentally sound, easy to install, and are multiple! Mixing up your blitzes and stunts will keep the offensive line on their heels.

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