Swing Blitz-44 Stack

Swing Blitz- 44 Stack

This is a blitz we call “swing”. This is a blitz play that has the defensive line slant down and the linebackers slant outside. This blitz/stunt works very well in youth football because it confuses the offensive line’s blocking scheme. Stacking the linebackers behind the defensive linemen will create indecision for the offensive linemen. They will not know which defender to block or which defenders are going to blitz. If you have an undersized defensive line this blitz/stunt is very effective. This play can be executed out of any defense.

N: A-gap.

T: A-gap.

E: Slant down, B-gap. We want the defensive-end to rip across the body of that offensive tackle.

E: Backside C-gap.

M: Blitz C-gap.

W: B-gap. If it is a pass he is to take a running back out of the backfield.

L: Contain. If it is a pass he is to take the tight-end.

R: Loop, contain.

C: Contain support. If it is a pass he is to take the tight-end or any receiver split out to his side.

C: Contain support. If it is a pass he is to take the receiver split out to his side. If there is no receiver he is to cover the TE.

S: Deep middle. If it is a pass he is take a running back out of the backfield.

Adjustment: You can also have the safety cover the TE and have the linebacker cover backs out of the backfield instead. The safety (S) will be able to see if the tight-end releases for a pass right away. Having the S cover a tight-end might be an easier read. Another option is to run cover 3 behind the blitz. The two corners have deep 3rds and the middle safety will have deep middle 3rd.

I recommend playing-Cover 3 Defense.

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