T Formation Offense Clinic

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  • Virtual clinic is downloaded instantly. No shipping, no wait!
  • Balanced playbook, features plays that attack all areas of the field.
  • Gives your offense an identity and a system your players will love.
  • Comprehensive video breakdown of the formation.
  • Comprehensive video diagram breakdown- run game.
  • Comprehensive video diagram breakdown- pass game.
  • Great for ALL age levels of football.
  • Printable colored play diagrams- great to bring to practice.
  • Tablet & mobile friendly.


The T Formation Offense Clinic is one of the best clinics on the web. The T Formation is a formation that works very well on the youth football level. It features two tight-ends and three backfield players. This formation creates alignment conflict for the defense. The two tight-end set makes the defense defend both sides of the formation. Having the three backs in the backfield will give you a nice combination of power and deception.

T Formation Offense Clinic

This clinic will give you a structured attack. All the plays in this clinic complement each other. Be sure to watch these videos in sequence. All videos in this series work off of play diagrams. All diagrams are drawn up against even and odd fronts.

Offense / Formation Overview Video (part 1) 

This video breaks down the formation alignment, player placement, line splits, and snap count.

Run Game: Power, GT Counter, Trap, Counter Lead, Buck, and Buck (part 2)

This video covers all the execution and blocking rules for each of these plays.

Pass Game Game: Power Pass and Boot Pass (part 3) 

This video covers pass blocking schemes, play concepts, route running, and QB reads.

Bonus Plays: FB Dive, Swing Pass, Tackle-Over Blast, and TE Pop (part 4) 

This video breaks down the four bonus plays.

This T Formation Offense Clinic will give you a structured offensive attack. The combination of power running, versatility, deception, and explosive play-action passes will take your offense to the next level. Down this clinic today!!

This T Formation Offense Clinic covers every aspect of installing this offense. Once purchased, you will be sent three downloadable links to the pdfs. You will receive three pdfs- one will be a pdf that contains the video breakdowns. The second one will be the actual play diagrams / playbook that can be printed and taken to practice. The third one will be play diagrams with coaching points / notes.

2 reviews for T Formation Offense Clinic

  1. Coach Joel

    Got a pre release of this clinic and it was great. The T Formation is a lot more diverse than I thought. I will be adding this formation this fall for sure. Good stuff.

  2. Coach Jon

    Love the clinic, very in depth. I’d recommend it.

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