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Free Youth Football Defense Plays
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53 Defense “Loop”
5-3 defense loop blitz

The 53 defense is the most commonly ran defense in youth football. This youth football defense puts 8 defenders in the box to defend the run. You can run zone or man coverage out of the 53 quite easily. The OLB loop play is a play to defend the outside. This play must be ran to the wide side/ strong side of the field and called at the right time. If you know a sweep play is coming then you can call this play. The DE on the play side slants down from D gap (Containment) to C gap and the C gap OLB loops around into D gap forcing RB to cut inside into your pursue to the ball. The 53 defense is best used as a gap based defense. Want a defense that will have your players swarming to the football?

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44 Stack “Indy”

The 44 stack defense is a solid defense against the run because there are 8 defenders in the box. The 44 is also sound against the pass because there are 7 defenders that can be used in pass coverage. The ILB fire play is an extremely powerful play. The B gap defenders slant down to force the A gap and the ILB slant out to blitz b gap. This defensive play is tremendously difficult to block as an offense, because of the fact youth football coaches don’t install blocking rules for their plays. The 44 stack is an all around solid defense for all youth football levels.

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52 Monster “Storm”

The 52 generally uses the monster back (SS) as an adjuster to counterbalance the strength of the offense. It requires disciplined athletes that can follow their keys precisely, and not get suckered in by misdirection plays. Pass defense is usually zone-based. This ILB loop is a superior play as it causes offensive line confusion and creates pressure on the offense. It’s a run blitz. This youth football defense is effective at protecting the strong side of the field, very simple to install.

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Gap 8

The gap 8 defense features an eight man defensive line, a single player in a middle linebacker/free safety position, and two corners. The defense features six down linemen positioned in the gaps. Two additional players are outside linebackers that are head up to inside shade on the tight ends. This defense uses bump and run coverage to prevent the quick, inside release. By reading the tight end’s movement, they can discern the type of play (pass or run) and the point of attack. This youth football defense is a solid run stopping defense and a tough to block.

65 Goal Line

The 65 Goal line defense is the soundest defense in goal line situations. The 65 covers all 8 gaps while having 3 linebackers ready to read flow. The defense frees up your linebackers to make the stop. Having defenders force all 8 gaps low and hard leaves your linebackers free to roam and get to the ball. You must put your defensive line into a 4-point stance and make sure they fire hard and low and hold their gap! The 65 is the best goal line defense for any level of youth football.

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53 Defense- Storm Left

53 defense

The “storm left” blitz out of the youth football 53 defense is a great way to eat up those common youth football power/blast/off-tackle plays. The defensive tackle slants out to C gap, the outside linebacker slants into the B gap. The nose guard cuts down the center.  Both defensive ends hold containment. The middle linebacker forces A gap.  Backside of the defense has to get into pursue lanes. Cornerbacks will support the containment of the outside. They will also have to read eligible receivers, looking for play action passes. When you blitz, make sure you know where the offense is running the ball. There is an old saying life by the blitz you die by the blitz. Do not blitz your defenders out of the play.

44 Defense “Charger up Left”

44 Defense

The Outside linebacker “Charger up Left” attacks the offense with an outside blitz from the outside linebacker. This play works well against youth football spread and outside attacking offenses. “Charger up left” indicates that the left OLB blitz off the edge of the defense, holding outside leverage. The right inside linebacker loops out and forces A gap. The left inside linebacker forces B gap. Both defensive ends slant in. Defensive tackles force A gap.  The cornerbacks play pass first, reading eligible receivers. The free safety must shift over to the blitz side. This blitz play works the best out of the cover 3. Cover 3 is a 3 deep coverage which is safe in case the defense gets caught in the blitz.

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