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Single Wing Beast Formation Playbook 

Single Wing Playbook

The Single Wing Beast Formation is great for youth football. It is easy to install and gives your team an identity. It tells the defense that you are going to run the ball and there is nothing they can do to stop it. This playbook is a system of plays which means every play sets another play up. The plays included: Power, Iso, Sweep, Cross, Counter Belly, Power “Shift”, Flood, and Post-wheel.

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Wishbone Video Playbook Series- $21.95  

Video Playbook for Youth Football: Wishbone Offense

The Wishbone Video Playbook is a series of 18 whiteboard videos. Series Videos: formation overview, positioning and numbering system, blocking scheme, snap count, blast, dive, trap, counter, sweep, lead x, waggle, and post-corner. These videos are hosted on Vimeo, so you know that the video, sound, and load speed are of the highest quality. This video playbook can be accessed anywhere and at anytime off of your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Also included: PDF file containing all of the Wishbone play diagrams and blocking rules.


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Pistol Offense Playbook- $24.49 
Pistol offense football

The Pistol Offense is a balanced offense that will allow you to attack all areas of the field. It is a system of core plays that all complement each other. This system uses the run to step up the multiple play-action passing plays featured in this playbook. The Pistol will allow your QB to see the field and it will give him more time to throw.

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Spread and Shred Bundle Deal- $34.99  

Playbook Bundle

3 playbooks for the price of 1! Included in this playbook bundle: Spread Offense Playbook, 3-5-3 Defense playbook, and a Special Teams Playbook. This bundle will provide you with everything you need for the football season. These playbooks are very easy to install. This playbook is available for immediate download. Print them out and give them to your players and coaches!

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Bundle Includes: Our Spread Offense Playbook, 3-5-3 Stack Playb0ok, and our Special Teams Playbooks which are featured below. 

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 Flexbone Offense Playbook- $24.49  

The Flexbone playbook is a balanced playbook that features a system of plays. This playbook features the Rocket Series, Belly Series, Veer Series, Midline Series, and a Simple Hurry-up Offense system. This playbook also features a lights out play-action passing game. This playbook has over 40 plays that all part of the system. All of these plays can be executed out of the balanced, unbalanced, and spread formations.

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Spread Offense Playbook- $24.49  

Spread Offense for Youth Football

This playbook attacks the defense with a system of plays that are executed out of three different formations. The spread formations create alignment conflict for the defense and it spreads them out horizontally. Stretching the defense horizontally will help create natural running lanes  inside. This playbook is easy to install and will give your team an identity.

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Wishbone Playbook- $14.99  


The wishbone  is a balanced offense that forces the defense to defend both sides of the    formation. This is a series based scheme where every play sets up another play. This is a  playbook that can be successfully  executed at any age level of youth football.

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Shotgun Wing T Playbook- $24.49  

Shotgun Wing T Playbook

This playbook is fast, diverse, and explosive. This playbook features a series of plays. Every play has a play that complements. The Shotgun Wing T will also make the defense defend the QB as not only a passing threat, but as a running threat as well.

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Rocket Playbook Bundle- $34.99  

Rocket Bundle PlaybookThis bundle includes three playbooks for one low price! Featured in this playbook bundle is the Rocket Wing T Offense, 53 Swarming Defense, and a Special Teams Playbook. This bundle has everything you need to dominate your league in all three phases of the game! 

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Wing T Jet Series- $24.49  

Wing T Jet Series PlaybookThis Wing T Playbook is an extremely explosive youth football playbook. This playbook includes blocking schemes, practice plans, no huddle playing system, series based play calling scheme, and colored play diagrams vs various defenses. Bonus: shotgun and unbalanced formations included!! 

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I Formation Playbook- $14.99  

I-Formation Playbook

The I-Formation is a great SMASH MOUTH offense. This playbook features a blocking scheme that will take power football to a whole new level. This has a very deceptive counter play with a great passing game as well. This is a true balanced playbook. Run the ball down the defense’s throat today by download the I Formation Playbook!

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Spinner T Offense- $7.99  

Spinner T PlaybookThis unique offense is super deceptive! The defense will not know who will have the football.  It has a great balance of inside and outside hitting plays. It has a super effective play action passing play, that will kill the defense when they commit to stopping the run. This is a series based playbook that works off of fly motion.

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Free Split-Back Playbook-FREE!!!
Split-back PlaybookThis is a free youth football playbook! This is another great balanced football playbook. This youth football playbook allows the offense to attack all areas of the defense. This is a series based offense. Plays included in this playbook are power, counter, cross, sweep, and power pass.

Download: Split-Back Playbook



3-5-3 Stack Defense Playbook $19.99  

3-5-3 Stack youth football Defense PlaybookThis is an attacking defense. This defense utilizes a stacked look which will confuse the offensive line and keep them guessing. The 3-5-3 defense features multiple blitzes and slants that are designed to create havoc for the offense. This playbook puts 8 in the box, while staying strong vs. the pass. There are also 10 bonus blitzes included.

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3-4 Defense Playbook

3-4 defense

The 3-4 defense is great because it can easily adjust to any formation the offense comes out in. This defense is strong against the run and allows you to be multiple in your pass coverage. This playbook features inside, off-tackle, and edge run blitzes. There are also several different slants & stunts that are included.

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5-3 Swarming Defense- $19.99 

Swarming 53 Defense PlaybookThere is an old saying, ” offense sells tickets, defense wins championships! “Demoralize opposing offenses with the Swarming 53 Defense! It is strong against the run and is great against the pass.  This playbook breaks down all blitz play calling, proper adjustments, and alignments. Perfect for youth football.

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Special Teams Playbook- $14.99

Special Teams PlaybookWin games by winning the field position battle and creating points off of special teams. Included in this playbook is kickoff, kick return middle, punt, punt block, punt return, extra point, extra point block, jet onside kick, and hands team.

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These youth football playbooks are very comprehensive. All these playbooks are series based youth football playbooks. This means it is a system of plays that set each other up.