Stay at Home Football Part 5: Inside Look at our Beast Formation Power Play

On this part of Stay at Home Football we take a look at our Beast Formation Power Concept. The Beast Formation is great because it allows you to outnumber and outflank the defensed at the point of attack. It’s easy to install and it works very well on the youth football level.

Playbook: Beast Formation Playbook 

Play Action Passing Off of Zone- Double Post Concept 

No Offensive system is complete without some type of Play Action Passing schemes. These play action shots are designed to not only keep the defensive players out of the box, but also take shots and make big plays when the Offense needs them.

5 Powerful Run Plays out of the Spread Formations

When you tell a youth football coach you run ‘spread’ they automatically think you’re all about throwing the football. Just because you spread the field doesn’t mean you can’t have a physical run game.

Scouting Opponent’s Defense-What to Look For

When you go to break down a future opponent there are a variety of different things that you can look at as you prepare your game plan. Regardless of your style of offense, there are a few basic things that stay consistent as you are evaluating future opponents.