Stay at Home Football Part 5: Inside Look at our Beast Formation Power Play

On this part of Stay at Home Football we take a look at our Beast Formation Power Concept. The Beast Formation is great because it allows you to outnumber and outflank the defensed at the point of attack. It’s easy to install and it works very well on the youth football level.

Playbook: Beast Formation Playbook 

Our 5 Favorite Articles from our Team Building Article Series

There is so much more to coaching football than just the x’s and o’s. Football is the ultimate team sport.

3 Major Benefits of Playing Football by Coach Whitehead | From the Gut Series

When I was a kid growing up in a small blue collar neighborhood little did I know how significant a role football would play in my life. I can remember always knowing when Friday was here because the town shuts down for high school football.

Coaching the Combo and Double Team Block | Youth Football

The combo block is one of the best blocks in football. It’s a block that I feel is underutilized on the youth football level.