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Smash-Corner Passing Combination Football Play

This is a Smash-Corner Passing Combination Football Play to the twins side of this spread formation. This play features the (Z) receiver coming in motion, faking jet sweep. This will influence the play-side (C) and (W) linebacker. You also have the option to have the (Z) run a pass pattern rather than come in jet motion. Since most youth football teams play man to man coverage, this combination passing play will kill man coverage. This will make the linebackers and secondary bite up for run, ultimately leaving themselves out of position.

The Offensive Line

O-linemen must secure their inside gap first. You can also slide the protection to the side you are passing to. This will also help sell jet sweep. Linemen cannot go down field. Work on pass blocking in practice! If you cannot hold the line of scrimmage and protect the QB, no pass play will work.  When pass blocking, make sure your linemen step into the defenders. Many teams will have their kids step back or lean back too much because they do not want the offensive linemen to go down field. When linemen step back they will lose their leverage and allow the defensive linemen to get penetration into the back field (they will become top heavy). We will teach our players to hold their ground, step into their blocks, without going down field.

Smash-Corner Passing Combination Football Play Execution

Quarterback: Will fake jet sweep to (Z) (quick fake, no need to over exaggerate) then do a three step drop, plant and read the (C). If the (C) sits on the smash route or is influenced by the jet sweep action (usually what happens, especially the first time you run this play) the QB will look to throw the corner route to (S). The QB must throw the corner route high and outside so the (S) is the only player that can catch it.

(H): The half-back has to attack the defensive end. He must meet the defensive end at the line of scrimmage. You do not want him to sit in the backfield and wait for the defender. The (H) needs to aggressively block the PS defensive end.

 (Z): Will come in full speed jet motion across the formation. The QB will initiate the motion by looking at the (Z). The (Z) needs to carry out an excellent fake. Need to sell jet sweep!! I you don’t want to waste the (Z) on a jet sweep run fake, you can have him run a go route. The go route will help hold the middle safety. 

(Y): The tight-end will do a post pattern. You can also have him stay in to block, for added protection. Most teams will have a single high safety, playing cover 1 man. Most of the time the safety will roll to the motion side or will run to help defend against the corner. Especially after you beat them once already with the corner pattern. Once that safety starts to fly over to stop the corner route, you can hit the post, which will be wide open.

(X):The split-end will run a 4 yard smash route. Make sure the (X) runs a good route and is ready for the ball. He must run a good route and look like he wants the ball.

(S): The slot receiver will run a 10-12 yard corner route. It is important that the slot drives his route up the field, then breaks to the corner. You do not want him to give the route away by leaning or bellying the way he is going to cut. Drive the route up the field, then break into the route. Continue the route out into the field. It is vital that all players run good routes for this smash-corner combination pass play to work.

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