Defensive Installation Week- Shark Week

Defensive Installation Week- Shark Week

Coaches, I decided to try something new this season during our defense install week. I decided to actually create a theme for our defense. I recently saw a commercial for shark week. I then thought to myself,  well our motto on defense has always been “swarm” to the ball carrier. Our team philosophy is “EAT”. EAT stands for effort-attitude-toughness. So why not call our defensive install week shark week.  I think this will make it fun as well as giving our  defense an identity right off the bat.  I feel the kids will have fun with it and it will help instill some pride on the defensive side of the football.  Thinking about it,  it might be a little cheesy but I think the kids will love it. I have not told my players about calling our defensive install shark week. I am printing a large image of a shark and taping it on my large dry erase board and putting it right on the field.

Shark Week

The only thing on a shark’s mind is to EAT! Sharks swarm to their targets!



Goals of our Defense

  • Control the line of scrimmage. If we control the line of scrimmage we control the game. We will anchor our gaps and contain the outside. Sharks control the oceans- the line of scrimmage will be our ocean.
  • Block destruction.  We will refuse to be blocked. We will rip through blocks. Nothing will get in the way of a shark when he is swarming.
  • Tackle. We will PRIDE ourselves on being sure tacklers-Proper Tackling Techniques.
  • Swarm.  We will swarm to the ball carrier on all run & pass plays. All 11 players on the field will get to the ball carrier. Swarming to the ball carrier will deter big plays. Sharks swarm their targets and they also swarm in groups!
  • Discipline. Every position will do their job. We will not take stupid penalties. We will play hard, but also within the rules of the game. Sharks are aggressive, but actually are very intelligent.   
  • Pursuit. We will swarm to the football in our pursuit lanes. We will take away cut back lanes and box the ball carrier in on attempted outside plays.
  • Turnovers. We will pride ourselves on creating turnovers. We will force turnovers with our gang tackling, sure tackling technique, and discipline. Get a turnover sharks!
  • Teamwork.  Always stay positive and confident no matter what! Be resilient. Play together as a team. We will pride ourselves on winning the tough situations.  Always remember this: true character will revel itself during tough situations.  Gauge yourself not when things are going well, but how you performed when faced with adversity.  If we can do this- we will be ruler of our sea which is the football field!

Be sharks out there!

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