Power out of the Diamond Formation

Power out of the Diamond Formation

The Power out of the Diamond Formation is a great play that works very well in youth football. The Diamond Formation forces the defense to defend both sides of the formation. Since it’s a balanced formation, you can run the Power Concept to both sides. The double tight-ends will give you more blocking power at the point of attack, as well as a play-action passing threat. This play is easy to install and it will work on all age levels of football.

Power out of the Diamond Formation

Center:  Block head up nose guard. If you are getting double A-gap defenders the center always blocks backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard: Work onto middle linebacker. If you are facing a disruptive Nose Guard the RG and C can double team him.

Right Tackle: Block defensive tackle. If your RT is having trouble blocking the DT, have the TE & RT double team that DT.

Left Guard: Pull, lead through the hole, block linebacker.

Left Tackle: Base defensive tackle.

Right Tight-end: Double team DT, or work onto the outside linebacker (if your RT can handle the DT alone).

Left Tight-end: Step playside, cutoff.

1: Catch snap, turn and hand to the 2 back. It’s important that the 1 gets the ball to the 2 in the backfield. This will give your 2 back time to adjust his path if needed.

2: Take handoff, cut off of the 4’s kick-out block.

3: Fake to the left, replace pulling guard.

4: Kick-out defensive end. Aiming point is the inside hip of the defensive end.  Against the 4-4 defense, the kick-out player will be the outside linebacker. The 4 is kicking out the first defender outside of the playside TE.

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Coaching Points 

  • Run this play to both sides to keep the defense honest.
  • You don’t have to pull linemen, you can just have your offensive line base block.
  • If you are facing a difficult defensive tackle, you can double team him with the TE and RT.
  • You have the option to down block as well.
  • Install the Power Pass off of this Power play, it is lights out.

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