Power Pass out of the Diamond Formation

The Power Pass out of the Diamond Formation is a great way to take advantage of a defense that is selling out to stop the Power Play. This concept attacks the defense with a 3 player route combination. The front side of the concept has the halfback (4) run into the flat and the (TE) running a corner route. This is a high-low concept read for the QB. The QB is reading the cornerback, if the corner back sits or bites on play-action, the QB throws the corner route. If the CB bails back with the (TE), the QB hits the (4) in the flat. The back-side TE runs a post. If there is no safety the post could be wide open.

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Power Pass out of the Diamond Formation

Center: Block head up nose guard.

Right Guard: Inside-over pass block.

Right Tackle: Inside-over pass block.

Left Guard: Inside-over pass block.

Left Tackle: Inside-over pass block.

Right Tight-end: Corner route.

Left Tight-end: Post.

QB: Fake Power to the (2) back, three step drop read the cornerback. If the CB sits, throw the corner route, if the CB bails back with the TE, throw to the (4) in the flat.

2: Fake Power, secure the edge. It’s important that a good fake is executed.

3: Block backside edge.

4: Fake lead blocking, run into the flat.  Make sure your (4) doesn’t collide or block any defender. The (4) may need to adjust his path so that he can get into the flat untouched.

Coaching Points 

  • Run power a few times before you call this pass play.
  • Call this pass play on a run down and distance and watch it hit big! Imagine running this on a 2nd and 2 or even 3rd and 2.
  • A good fake is needed by the QB and the (2). A half-hearted fake will not trick the defense.
  • The (2) and the (3) must secure the edge, they must go up and meet their blocks.
  • QB is reading the cornerback. This needs to be worked on in practice. Most of the time the CB will get caught looking at backfield action and the TE will be wide open on the corner route.
  • It’s important that the QB gets some depth, three step drop will give the QB time and it will allow the route concepts to develop.

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