Free Youth Football Playbook- Split-Back Offense

Parker Allen

Free Football Playbook-Split-Back Offense- available for immediate SPLIT BACKS!

Free Youth Football Playbook (PDF file)- The Split-Back Offense 

  • Two tight-end set which stretches the  defense out horizontally.
  • Two tight-end formation that allows you to threaten the defense with a power play to each side.
  • Wing back flank gives you flanking ability and puts the defense in serous alignment conflict. It also creates another gap for the defense to defend.
  • This free youth football playbook is a well balanced attack. It makes the defense defend the entire field.
  • Series based playbook, plays include: Power, blast, sweep, counter,cross, and power pass. These football plays all set each play up.
  • This is a great offense to complement the Wing T Jet Series.
  • Easy to implement.

Download your PDF Football Playbook by clicking here: Free Football Playbook-Split Backs

Free Youth Football Play!!  Check out this Unbalanced Power Play that uses an unbalanced formation!

This  free football playbook is a series based scheme. The bread and butter plays are the power and blast plays. They are real SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL PLAYS. The cross and counter plays are explosive COUNTER PLAYS that complement the power really well.  Once the defense starts to sell out trying to stop the run, the POWER PASS play will go for a touchdown.

This free football playbook is easy to implement and will really open your offense up. This offense can be taught within a few days. The plays that takes the most practice time are the cross and counter plays. They take the longest to get down because they are timing plays.

Quick tip: Do not be scared to implement some formation shifts or even some motion. You can do a ton of different things from this split back offense.  Enjoy your Free youth football playbook. Let us know how it work!