Overload Blitz Play 53 Defense

Overload Blitz Play 53 Defense

53 Defense- Overload Blitz Play

This overload blitz play is designed to send more defenders than the offense can block. This blitz is best called to the short side of the field. This will allow the field side outside linebacker to read and cover the field (wide side)  flat, which will be attacked often in youth football. This play is out of the 53 defense which features five defensive linemen, three linebackers, and three defensive backs. This is an easy defense to implement and is great for youth football.

Defensive Line

The right defensive end will slant down to C-gap, crossing the face of the tight-end. The defensive tackle will slant down to B-gap and the nose guard will slant to the left A-gap, crossing the face of the center. The left defensive tackle will slant B-gap, and the left defensive end will contain.  Defensive linemen must watch the ball  and use their hands and feet to defeat blocks.


The left outside linebacker will loop around the tight-end and rush outside, holding outside leverage. The middle linebacker will blitz the right A-gap. The left outside linebacker will have left C-gap and cover the wide side flat.  Linebackers must watch the ball and use their hands and feet to defeat blocks.

Defensive Backs

The defensive backs will play a cover 3 zone. Since we are using an overload blitz we do not have enough defenders to cover man to man, so zone coverage is recommended.  The left cornerback will have deep 3rd coverage, middle safety will have deep 3rd zone coverage, and the boundary cornerback will have deep 3rd coverage.

When you blitz, make sure you blitz strategically. Try not to blitz your defenders right out of the play. When doing this overload blitz play your players need to get penetration. The blitzing defenders must rush hard, cannot blitz with half effort.  Good Luck.

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