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Youth Football Online

53 Defense Playbook

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Want the Swarming 53 Defense Playbook?

Do you want your players in the best position to make a play?

Youth Football Online’s Coach Jeff 53 defense playbook is just that. The 5-3 is easy to implement and can be used at any age level in youth football. This youth football defense puts 8 players in the box to contain the run. Included in this PDF playbook is a lights out blitzing scheme. Blitzes and stunts are broken down in great detail. There are blitz to shut down those speed, sweep heavy teams.

Swarming 53 Defense Playbook
Sample Play

Included in this playbook:

  • Defensive Philosophy- “Swarm to the Football”
  • Five fundamentals of defense-tackling, block destruction, pursuit, and creating turnovers
  • Position and gap overview
  • Player positioning
  • Position responsibilities
  • Alignments- vs. unbalanced, spread, and balanced formations
  • Pass Coverage
  • “40” Call
  • Play calling, where and when to blitz
  • Blitzes and stunts
  • Goal line
  • Prevent

Are you tired of power offenses getting 5 yards a clip on an off tackle/ power play? This D has blitzes designed to shut down those smash mouth football teams. You will hear that saying “smash mouth offense”, consider this a smash mouth defense!

The 53 defense playbook uses a zone pass coverage scheme. This defense uses cover 3 zone coverage.  This defense takes away the flats and deep 3rds of the field.  It allows your defenders to keep the receivers in front of them, which will eliminate the “big play”. Man to man coverage can be easily implemented as well.

( Blitz play out of the 53 defense)

The best thing about this defense is that it can be implemented within one week. Coach Jeff’s 53 defense playbook uses simple terminology.  It is a very diverse defense; it offers blitzes and adjustments for every situation.  This defensive playbook prides itself on swarming to the ball carrier, tackling well, gap control, and not giving up that big play. Want a simple defense that can smother your opponents? Then the 53 defense is your preferred choice. This playbook is available for immediate download. Get it now!

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