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A Year of Awesome Football Content: Our Top Posts from 2019

A Year of Awesome Football Content: Our Top Posts from 2019

It was a great year for Youth Football Online’s blog. We published over 100 new articles and pages in 2019. We committed a lot of time and effort to our content creation and scheduling. We were proud to have some of the best youth and high school coaches in the country producing content for us. In 2020, we are looking to double the amount of content we produce (blogs/articles, diagrams, & playbooks).

Below is a List of our Best Articles From 2019

(This was based on website visits, engagement, and social media reach and reactions.)

Top Articles- Offense

We all know that the game of football is won at the line of scrimmage. One of the most difficult areas to coach is the offensive line and many teams don’t have an abundance of talent upfront. With that being said, these 5 plays will allow you to move the ball and score points even if your offensive line struggles.

The Wing T Offense is a system of plays that all complement each other- it is truly a systematic attack. The Wing T will give your team a structured attack based around deception and leverage / outflanking the defense. This article has everything you need to know about the Wing T Offense.

The Double Arch Counter is one of the toughest plays to defend. It combines misdirection with a gap blocking scheme that can easily move defenders and punish over pursuing defenders. When you force the defense to defend the QB in the Counter Read game it will be even more deadly.

The Power I Formation is a very youth football friendly offense. It’s easy to install and it is actually used with great success on all levels of football. This article includes play diagrams and whiteboard videos of the Power, Trap, Counter, and Power Pass play (play-action).

Top Article- Defense

The 3-3 Stack Defense is one of the hottest defenses in football right now. It allows you to easily align to any formation with minimal adjustments. It will allow you to defend all the exotic spread formations while still being able to defend against double tight-end- run heavy offenses. Here’s everything you need to know to install the 3-3 Stack.

Defensive coordinators have one of the most difficult jobs in football. Defensive coordinators have to prepare their defenses for several different ways an offense can attack. I think we’ve all made this mistake at one time or another, I know I have.

Having three distinct levels to your defense will allow your players to pursuit to the ball carrier, it will help defend against pass plays, and it will allow you to utilize the different physical skill sets of your players. Don’t fall into the trap of putting your entire defense on the line of scrimmage.

The 4-4 Defense is one of the best defenses in football. It is utilized on all age levels of football with consistent success. This defense will allow you to easily adjust to any offense and it will allow you to be multiple with your blitzes and coverages. This article includes an interior pressure, off-tackle pressure, edge pressure, and an overload pressure.

Top Articles- Special Teams

One of the most difficult things in Special Teams is teaching players to change from dropping back to moving forward to make the block (kick return). This drill will teach your players how to just that.

This article provides you with everything you need to know about how to coach special teams. This article covers all aspects of special teams.

This article features: Kick-off, Kick Return, Punt and Punt Return Plays.

This article breakdown all the techniques for kicking the extra point, kick-offs, punts, and holding. Kicking techniques are often overlooked on the youth football level- don’t be one of those coaches. Special teams is one of the 3 phases of football and needs to coached up.

Top Article- Drills

The ability to keep leverage and make a tackle on a ball carrier can be one of the most difficult aspects of tackling. With that said, the Vice Drill will teach your defenders how to do just that!

The Approach Drill is getting attention across the country as one of the top tackling drills in football. In the Approach Drill athletes learn how to track the near hip of a ball carrier and adjust to any moves by the ball carrier.

We all know that the success of your offense depends almost entirely on our offensive line’s ability to block the defense. With that said, here are the best drills for building up your offensive line.

One of the best conditioning and strengthening drills is the bear crawl. This drill is challenging and it works several different aspect of physical strength and conditioning.