7 Things Successful Youth Football Athletes Do Everyday

For the past three years, Youth Football Online has interviewed top youth football athletes in the country in an effort to learn just what it is that they do to be successful.  Each individual YFO All-Star member displays success attributes that are in fact very similar, it’s as if each kid comes from the same “mold”.   Success on the field (and off) is what every football athlete strives to attain, here’s what we have learned.

7 Things Successful Youth Football Athletes do Everyday

  1. In season, they arrive at practice a few minutes early. We note the importance of tardiness as practice time is tight, and nothing frustrates coaches more than starting late. At practice, a successful kid displays an intense work ethic. They will listen a lot more than they talk.
  2. They embrace support from family. Mom, Dad and other family members are consistently involved in the athlete’s development.
  3. They train with intent. YFO All-Stars have a motto- ‘Hard work all the time’. They train in the offseason while others play video games or waste time online. Highly successful youth athletes sincerely want to train to get better each day.
  4. Time Management. They know how to structure their schedule with school, practice time and friend and family time. They pre-plan and have set goals to accomplish each day.
  5. Show consideration and respect to all. YFO All-Star Danny Clark’s teacher once explained to us that Danny says hello to everyone, even teachers he does not know.
  6. Eat nutritious foods for fuel, they avoid fast food. Successful kid football athletes understand the benefits of eating nutritious foods, they limit junk foods.
  7. They read. Have an interest in reading books, stories. We notice a trend of leaders on the football field, these kids are often times successful students. They understand the importance of success in the classroom.

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