Youth Football Online All Stars

YFO ALL-STARS Nomination Process 

YFO All-Star Tre Darden
YFO All-Star Tre Darden

Our standards are strict, if you would like to nominate a child to be a Youth Football Online All-star please contact us at:

[email protected]

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Tell us why the child deserves to be a YFO All-star.
  2. Consideration process, we review youtube clips, online articles, other helpful sources.
  3. YFO selects Youth Football Online All-Star.
  4. We’ll do a phone interview with parent and child as well as interview references (coach, teacher, etc).
  5. We’ll create an article based on his accomplishments, including statements made by references.
  6. We promote the All-star selection to our large social media base.
  7. We provide you with a Youth Football Online All-Star badge to be placed on your team’s website.
  8. Gain access to ‘YFO Parents’, a closed group on Facebook to network and discuss accomplishments.

Here are our All-Star Selections

About The YFO All-Star Program:

Interviews are conducted with parents or legal guardians with Youth Football Online All-Star selection present. Parents or legal guardians supply all videos, images and content.  Images and/or videos and/or content can be changed or removed at any time. Parents or legal guardians must authorize release of content to public with the knowledge the content may be viewed globally.