Recruitment: 5 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Play Football

5 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Play Football

We all know a parent that refuse to allow his/her kid to participate in the game of football because it’s ‘just not for him’. It’s usually a variety of clever reasons that are either inaccurate or just nonsensical. Those in the football community understand that the lessons learned in football participation are too numerous to list.  Football very well not be right for all kids, but it is our hope that parents will be open to involving their child in the sport. Here are 5 reasons why kids avoid playing football, and what to say to parents to sign them up!

1. The cost. Registration fees to participate in football are up as equipment costs rise. Some organizations are reporting an increase of up to 20% versus last year. Families may not be able to afford the costs associated with playing youth football.

SolutionOrganizations should aim to develop creative fundraising ideas and aim to lower registration fees to a minimum. We recommend bringing your community together, via an event fundraiser, to raise money for registration and other fees. The cost to play the game should never deter parents from involving their kids in football.

2. The Internet and video game generation precipitates laziness. The nation’s obesity rate continues to steadily ascend at a disturbing rate. According to a recent Gallup poll, 27.7% of the adult population is obese. There is, however, a way to reverse this trend; it begins with teaching kids about the importance of physical fitness and proper nutrition.

SolutionAllow for your child to spend a limited time surfing the web or playing video games. The sport promotes physical fitness, making friends (being social), strict discipline and more- a better alternative to playing Call of Duty.

3. Unsafe sport. Concussions in football has been featured on the news often; this has dissuaded parents from youth football involvement.  

Solution: The media spotlight on youth football concussions has been welcomed because it is initiating change. Important to note:

– Helmet innovation is driving improvement in safety.  

– New rules have been set forth by Pop Warner and other youth football leagues, these rules aim to redefine safety in the sport.  

– Coaches are using various resources available online (such as Youth Football Online and USA Football Heads Up) to improve how they coach. It’s all about proper coaching. Should you have a coach that is truly inexperienced or is just clueless, it will be an issue. 

4. Kid is not tough enough for football/ parents that coddle. 

SolutionIf your kid is not ‘tough enough’ to play football, then he needs to play football. The sport requires great mental fortitude and physical strength, characteristics that are built at practice and game time. It is true that football isn’t for every kid- but parents should understand the many benefits that come with the game, and potentially give the sport a shot.

5. Commitment. This sport requires strict commitment- must be able to attend daily practices (on-time) and follow through at home, with nutrition, training, and more. Football is a lifestyle. Kid’s football requires commitment not just from the players, but also from the families of the those involved.

SolutionCommitment leads to another beneficial character building trait that your child will learn from playing football.

What other excuses/reasons why parents avoid football? Comment at us on twitter- @youth_football.

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