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The Greatest Youth Football Fundraising Ideas Ever.

One thing that is true of all youth football fundraising efforts is that you want to get a good reward for your efforts. With so many worthy causes soliciting funds, it becomes even more important to have your fundraiser stand aside from the others. There is a delicate balance between doing something and doing something with mass appeal which will attract a lot people and hopefully a lot of support. Here are some different, and effective, fundraising ideas.

fundraising ideas yard sale

Hold a sporting equipment yard sale. Who doesn’t have a garage, basement or closet with some “gently used” sporting equipment that their child has outgrown, or which is unused for any other reasons? Here is a perfect opportunity your community members to sell some of their underused sporting equipment, find that piece of sporting equipment that they themselves need and also support your organization. Whether you sell a table (space) at the yard sale, use a central cashier in order to charge a commission on all sales, or some combination, it is a “win” for all involved.

Make use of your community’s local resources and talent. Every community has its own local color and resources. With a little creativity, these resources can become an asset for your organization. Is there a local musician, magician, comedian, etc. who would be willing to donate some of their time for a worthy cause? Is there a new business in town, such as a bakery or dance studio, which would be willing to donate some of their goods in exchange for some publicity? Maybe a local photographer would be willing to do a professional photo-shoot for a small booking fee, in exchange for free publicity and the possibility of residual sales. On a larger scale, you could organize a local business expo, which would showcase the best of what your community has to offer. What about a natural resource like a river or snow? Could something like that be a backdrop for a fundraiser?

Rent a worker or a youth football team. One of your organizations’ most valuable assets is the team members themselves. Think about how the efforts of your team can directly benefit the members of the community. One idea is to do spring and/or fall yard clean-up efforts. This idea requires very little overhead, since most of the equipment needed your own garage. Yard clean-up is a valuable service, certainly worth paying for. This fundraiser gets the kids directly involved in helping the team. Done well in the spring, and people will be begging you to do run the fundraiser again in the fall.

Go where there will be crowd. Set up a gift wrap table at the local craft fair. Look for events in your community where you could set up a raffle table, or sell concessions. How about setting up a “kid’s craft” corner at an event, so the parents can participate and their kids can be entertained.

Go straight to their stomachs. Assembling and delivering subs and other munchies on Super Bowl Sunday is a great fundraiser. You can take orders, shop and assemble the sandwiches to order. Delivery can be scheduled for right before the game or half-time. Everyone in the organization can get involved in this fundraiser. If you make good sandwiches, and get the orders right and delivered on time, you can guarantee that you will have customers looking for sandwiches next year. You can expand your menu to include drinks, snack foods, chili, wings and more.

Go for convenience. A quick and convenient fundraising idea is to “text-a-donation.” There are services available for mobile giving. For a fee, you can set up so a fast and simple. Text a key word and make a donation. It can’t get much easier than that!

When you choose a fundraiser make sure to consider your target, goal and resources. Make sure it is fun, unique and pertinent to your community.