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Special Teams Playbook

YFO Special Teams Playbook

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Are you not getting as much production as you would like out of your special teams?

Want to score more points and win the field position battle? Youth Football Online’s Coach Jeff Hemhauser has had much success with his youth special teams play and this playbook details how. Specials teams cannot be overlooked. Having a powerful special teams attack can really help your team. This playbook breaks down simple special team plays that can make a difference. This special teams playbook is extremely easy to install, and can be used at any age level. Many teams overlook special teams, but not us.

Included in this playbook:

  • Special teams philosophy
  • Why focus all this time on special teams?
  • Kick off
  • Jet Onside kick
  • Kick return team
  • Punt
  • Punt return
  • Extra points
  • Extra point block

This special teams book breaks down every aspect of special teams. This is a must have for any coach looking to get massive production from their special teams. Keep this in mind-many teams do not practice special teams enough. So if you practice it you can have a distinctive advantage in the special teams phase. Special teams dominance is available right now for instant download!

Original Price: $19.99  Special Pricing: $14.99

$19.99 $14.99 Add to cart



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